Criss Angel Admits Camera Trickery

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by LBarnes, Mar 9, 2008.

  1. Good find.


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  3. your opinion, it'll give some people a laugh though.
  4. that is so incredibly old.
  5. He doesn't exactly hide the fact very well.
  6. That was meant as a joke....... seriously why in the world would he just say that?? There's no logical explanation.
  7. That may well be an old video but he just earnt my respect, at least he has a sense of humor. He probably gets a chuckle from winding up people like you, find something important to get annoyed about.
  8. True dat. For those of you who couldn't see that he was joking, I'm sorry for you...
  9. Lol, everyone can tell he's joking, but at the end of the day he does use camera tricks for way too much of his stuff, get it?
  10. What on earth gives you the right to dictate how much is "too much?" I'm not a Criss Angel fanboy by any stretch of the imagination, but there's so much hypocrisy when people discuss camera tricks it makes me sick. I have no doubt that pretty much everyone who criticises a camera trick has used some sort of gimmick to create a magical effect in their life, and they pass it off as real magic - you are in effect cheating the audience. Camera tricks are the same thing, you are passing off something that is not real as real, by in effect "cheating." At a stretch you could say the same thing applies for sleight of hand.

    But anyway, God knows there are enough pointless debates about Criss Angel on these forums and the internet as a whole and I should be given a good beating for contributing to one.
  11. What i meant by too much is that there is a million tricks out there which don't require camera editing, he should do them instead of using camera editing and stooges which give fake reactions. the idea of a magic tv show is not only to show the viewers at home the magic, but to also show the viewers the real reactions of people.
  12. The problem I have is that Camera tricks are done with the skill of a techy dude. Sleight of Hand is done with the skill of the magician.
  13. Who cares if he uses camera tricks? everyone's used a double backed card before. same thing - no credit ever goes to the USPCC for those tricks.

    I have big respect for entertainers that can take the p*ss out of themselves, show's you that they're still normal and still retain some humility.
  14. Using same logic, Copperfield is not a magician.

    I do agree that one shouldn't use camera edits as a method, simply because it's the first solution spectator (or TV-watcher) thinks about. And, according to Banachek, Criss Angel doesn't use edits to make effects, but to cut away "unecessary" parts, like sleights.

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