Criss Angel Believe Review (by someone who saw it)

Sep 1, 2007
Ran a search and didn't find this on here.

This is a fair review from someone who saw the show. He goes in to pretty good detail of the show and there are some other reviews under his as well. The other reviews I found on here (other than Katie and Chris) were not from someone who witnessed the show, so I figured I'd throw this on here so everyone can see it if they haven't already. Purpose is not to bash CA but to bring an informed opinion on his show.

Please don't turn this in to a bashing thread as there are enough of them already.
Sep 1, 2007
Thanks for the link, was definitely curious about this. This should certainly put to rest any issues of Cris and camera tricks, at least ;) I gotta see this live because I love magic and I love the cirque du soliel (I was actually in one performance, no joking!)

edit: wow, just read the review, I didn't think it was gonna be that bad. "literally bored audience members to sleep"
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Sep 1, 2007
Los Angeles, California
I just heard of this "Believe" thing from this review... and I have to say I'm not surprised AT ALL at the review. Is that Criss in the picture? What kind of new image is he trying to have now...? Man he's gotten buffer too.
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