Criss Angel-- gross quarter trick

Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by Theory, Oct 17, 2007.

  1. I have seen Criss do the trick twice on TV. Does anyone know if you can buy it or if it is taught somewhere?
  2. i saw that some time ago. that was really really sick man. i'm not sure if it's even sold out there.
  3. Please, try and be more vague with your posts, we like it when we have no idea what people talk about. :)

    Fortunatly, I think I know what effect your talking about. Is it the one where he swallows a signed quarter, and then moves it visibly down his arm, then takes a knife and cuts it out?
    I believe that one is called Surgical Reveal, however I don't know if it is available for purchase anymore.
  4. I believe Criss Angel bought the rights to the Surgical Reveal, and removed the effect from the market.

  5. ROFL, you crack me up Darn Angel.

    Anyway, the method has never officially been released, but you're always going to have those silly little eBay eBooks guessing how it's done.
  6. I try.
    However, I like to be called Dark Angel. It sounds slightly more intimidating than "The Darn Angel"
  7. Even though i hate criss angel that trick is one of my favorite tricks. I wish they still sold "surgical Reveal"
  8. well i know it was latexon his arm and that the cion was magnetically moved ,but that still doesnt explain how it goes from mouth to arm
  9. What CA does is different than that E-bay thing. also, thats exposure illusion. as well as It's an insane amunt of setup and not exactally repeatable.
  10. Wow, I can't believe that trick was actually a marketed product at some point.:eek: I am quite curious how its done. Oh well. If anyone has a spare 50 bucks though and is interested in that type of magic, go for it. It seems interesting and made me wonder when Criss Angel did it.

  11. I am pretty happy that he decided to take that affect off the market. It's quite an amazing affect, I'm also proud that he decided to take this off (like I said before) this routine or affect shouldn't be out right now. maybe it might be out later, but now isn't the time. It still has a long way to go I think.
  12. Cough production film and editing..cough cough..
  13. Criss Angel's effect is NOT Surgical Reveal. Surgical Reveal does not accomplish the same effect as the one Criss Angel uses. You do NOT see the coin traveling down your arm. The one you see on Criss Angel was created by Criss Angel and ONLY Criss Angel.

    I think the reason Surgical Reveal was taken off the market was because of injuries.


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