Criss Angel revealing theory11 videos?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Mike.Hankins, Mar 28, 2010.

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  2. Criss Angel should be ashamed.....

  3. that was great... at a glance that almost looks like Criss.

    Man, i laughed... "Now!"
  4. oohhhhh. I always wondered how you do it.
  5. This is the first funny revelation vid that I've really cracked up at in a while. "NOW". Ok here's the secret, be Kind to them :D
  6. That was the most hilarious vid I've seen as far a Criss Angel spoofs go. Congratulations
  7. That was amazing... I laughed... "The Don't be mean to me change by Jackie chan"
  8. Funny stuff, "Now....Now, Now....NOW"
  9. That was great stuff. :)
  10. LoL That's actually pretty funny. Well done!
  11. lmao "The Be Nice To Me Change by Jackie Chan" :D
    You need this book by Chung Ling from Streetfighter xDDDDDDDDDDD

    One of the funniest magic videos I've ever seen. That was really great, man! :D
  12. That was great! Blind=Mown.
  13. lol..."NOW" "uhhh" *wispers* "say yes now" "OMG".
  14. Plenty more to come... :) Glad you guys liked it!

  15. That was hillarious!

    - Jenai
  16. I'm glad you've all enjoyed the video; as Mike said, we'll be doing more, so keep your eyes peeled :)
  17. cool change tho

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