Criss Angel's Cell Phone Thru Bottle

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  1. i believe its called behold the scarabaeus, if its not the same thing its pretty close
  2. Awesome!

    Here is the link to the trick m8! its $50.
    I don't know if this works or is the version for the phone through glass, this method works with plastic bottles as in the description, But there are quite a couple videos on Youtube about this, make sure your typing is correct.;)

    ( URL to purchase the trick )

    (URL to check out the trick on Youtube)

    Hope this helps!:D
    Happy New Year!:eek:
  3. ...but can they sign the phone? :D
  4. Yes they can!
  5. Behold the Scarabaeus is, without a doubt or any hesitation, the single most impractical magic effect I have ever had the displeasure of buying.
  6. Why is that? It looks great.
  7. You havn't seen tye whole performance of the effect,(the magician taking the borrowed bottle) Yes it can be borrowed, and I figured it out when my friend did it to me, and he hates also.
  8. i wanna learn phone thru glass bottle
  9. Various websites I've been to have said that you cannot perform this in most situations. I've heard that the gimmick actually makes noise!:rolleyes: So unless you are at a party or some other noisy environment, you cannot perform this.


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