Criss Angel's Challenge

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by illusionist14, Jan 25, 2008.

  1. I'd just thought I'd share this... Criss Angel is being challenged. Ithink that if he accepts his carear is over, if he declines he will pretty much admit the camera uses. So in other words: He's *******.
  2. How is he being challenged?
  3. I hope Criss Angel accepts the challenge, it'd be an interesting event. I don't think he would be able to do it.

    Anthony Bass
  4. David Blaine is awesome.

    Criss Angel... well
  5. I bet Blaine could pull it off.....Angel.....I dunno....

    Anthony Bass
  6. A whole episode of Mindfreak without any camera tricks, under the conditions of live audiences, no camera editing, shot live.

    Sounds like Criss Angel challenge to me.
  7. This isn't really a challenge. It's just a faceless flash article E put up.
  8. I think he could do it. I have only ever watched Criss Angel's show for one reason: to tell people why he sucks.

    And while I can certainly say he uses camera tricks to his advantage on the show, I still see plenty of evidence that he does it as a convenience. He's not just an incompetent boob who uses nothing but stooges and camera tricks, he's got real skills. Maybe not amazing awe-inspiring skills, but he does have skills.

    I wouldn't say that if I didn't believe it. Trust me, if I could say Criss Angel was a cheating hack who gives us all a bad name, I'd say it. I don't like him. I simply respect him as a performer, not because of his popularity or his "contributions" to the art, but because he does have skills.
  9. I agree with Anthony, I'm pretty sure he can't do that.
  10. That would be real magic!
  11. Unfortunately, guys like you and me who understand this are in the minority. Most of the other people around here would rather probably not believe it, because if they can't make Criss out to be an irredeemable villain, who will they make the butt of their stiflingly unfunny jokes?
  12. You Are Soooooo right, He's the only Non "fake" TV magician
  13. You guys really think Criss is going to respond to some no-name guy who's calling him out? I won't count on it.
  14. *cough*Cyril*coughcough*.

  15. I don't hate Criss Angel, and I respect him as a magician because he does have skill, but I think it will be a HUGE challenge for him to do this.

    Anthony Bass
  16. Provided he could get over himself long enough to go through with it, I don't see this being a problem for him.
  17. First thing first, it was not a no name magician. It was Mark Wilson, one of the GREATEST magician around. Having said that my next thing is this the first two season of Mindfreak were great. Criss did a lot of street magic, the people were was in your face kind of magic. I think Criss biggest problem is that he is putting on to much of a show. To me I do not like stage magic, I like that close-up magic were that person is right there. I think that a person believe in magic more when they are right there involved. I tink Criss need to get back to that. I believe this challenge is the best way to do that and I hope he will.

  18. Agreed, but I don't think the question is whether or not he could do live magic for 30 minutes with the rules listed, but whether he could perform effects as impressive as levitating from building to building.

    Anthony Bass
  19. Actually The Asshat and Cyril both do magic you could only do with certain set ups and helpers to a degree. (Cyril not as much from what I have seen) They all use specially built props and situations you couldn't do "Impromptu"

    It's a nasty trap these guyys have gotten caught up in, by cyril can actually do manipulation and magic live onstage. Angel used to... in spandex ha ha.

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