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  1. The video is private...
  2. And I'm sure once we can see it, it will be a video of his privates + cards.
  3. sry guys my bad check it now
  4. lol, close enough.

    I didnt like your multiple shift, it looked awkward. The clipshift looked good, but the one where you "dropped it" or picked it up and it vanished also looked awkward.

    I think you could use some work on your patter. You said "trapping four cards" when they trapped three. Its a small thing but it shows you aren't comfortable with your patter yet, as well as other things in your speech.
  5. Keep working. Other than the multiple shift the trick looks pretty good technically. Wow your clipshift is fast, but work on the variations.
  6. I was expecting a poorly executed trick, but holy cow, your clip shift was so quickly! The Multiple shift was well executed, but I agreed with James on working on other variations of the clip shift.

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