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    Hey Guys Punyesh here, you all must be knowing how there are a lot of threads about performing cardistry for public. The thing is I have been given a 10 minute time slot to perform cardistry at my school's Annual Function, well i was getting my list ready i realized it was filled with cuts, cuts and cuts and i realized i wasn't there to show people 30-40 sybils which all look the same so i need some help. What kind of flourishes do you guys think people like seeing most, like springs, fans, cuts anything you think people like to see. I own all of dnd stuff genesis v1 and v2, papercuts, cobra collection, Anaconda DVD and eye cut DVD, World xcm Champions . Not saying i can do it all but i can do 90% of all it. So What do you guys think i should perform. Any feedback is appreciated.

  2. I'd say go for big and flashy. Displays would be good, especially the eye cut. Make lots of things jump around and flip and i'm sure people will be impressed. Things like the hot shot cut are good. People don't usually seem to respond to cuts as well as i'd expect when I perform, a lot of them seem to think it's easy and they could do it. But i'm no expert, just my two cents.
  3. You'd be surprised at what impresses laymen. Most laymen whom I've shown flourishing to, seem to favor simple things like springs, aerials, and fans rather than complex two handed cuts.

  4. One very important question that you have to ask yourself first before beginning to plan your routine is this:

    Are you going to perform to music or to speaking?

    Without answering this question first it would be difficult to plan your routine.

    Also, never go about planning the routine according to difficulty. Always think of the performance from a layman's point of view. And as Michael James has said, springs, aerials and fans are the crowd pleasers. That plus arm spreads, certain displays and jokes.

    Either way, good luck Punyesh!
  5. Thanks a lot guys i've taken a lot of things into consideration

    I think you're right I'm thinking of starting with anaconda dribble, then a few springs , fans, inverse fans, spreads and catches and vertigo into a few one handed cuts. and thanks for your advice edgician i'm thinking of ending my routine with jackson 5 and eye cut.

    Yes I'l be performing to music, but we have planned out some small pauses when we bring a few people on stage and ask them to hold a large 10 feet display me and my friends have glued together. But the highlights going to be when I perform some isolations with my friend breakdancing near me(Yes, he's good). All in all i've got a lot of work to do. But I've still have to decide some music.

  6. You might want to consider having a camera and projector for yourself if you are going to have to fight with your friend for attention. The sheer size of breakdancing vs the size of cardistry is not a fight that you will win (assuming you are both of the same level.)
  7. It's not going to be a stage or something. It's gonna be more of like a parlor, outside in our auditorium with everyone surrounded. And I have though of that, to compare we won't be doing it together. It'll be kind of like a hip-hop battle or something, like when one guy does it after another. ( i live under a rock).And i wish but cameras aren't allowed.Anyway i've bribed him to dance poorly. Anyway do you guys have any ideas on music, i only listen to justin bieber(not really). so i don't know much.

  8. If you're going to have a 'battle' then are you not both performing to the same music? So you may want to talk to your friend about what he would want to dance to and see if you can get your flourishes to flow with the tempo of the song.
  9. I have to say that's the only part i've completely worked out. The rest is what i'm worried about.

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