Crush by Eric Ross

Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by heavymetalholic, Dec 11, 2009.

  1. wow. that DOES look sick. defientley picking this up.

  2. nice .... wanna hear some comments on it from the papercrane production team.. maybe they can give us some, details.
  3. It looks like a gimmicked cap.

    But it does look super cool.

  4. This is very cool kind of out of the box. I like it.
  5. This is really cool we are really looking forward to getting this out there. Release date, coming soon. Is it impromptu, yes but a very simple gimmick is involved. Can it be borrowed? Yes if you have the gimmick.
  6. I've seen crush in soooooo many different forms over the years, Eric has put his heart and soul into this effect and from an original, impractical effect with soda cans, he's crafted something very workable and very AWESOME.

  7. i saw it the other day on his myspace link....looks pretty good...i'm looking forward to seeing exactly what makes it tick.....
  8. If the bottle can be borrowed then I'll definitely get it because all of the people carry bottles these days ! Looks great.

    " Performed Daniel Garcia's slink to my friends got great reactions thank you Danny G. "
  9. This effect won't be published due to contractual problems.
    And I was dreaming of crushing all my friends' water bottles still with water inside them. Man..

  10. is there anywhere i can watch this video?, sounds pretty exciting, pity about what happen, love eric ross's material.
  11. I highly doubt it.
    The demo used to be on Papercrane, but now that it won't be published, all videos related will probably be taken down. Copyright issues perhaps.

    We share grief today. *sigh*

  12. today is a sad day for magic everyone, what was the effect about anywyas?
  13. It was basically a mentalism effect, where you screw a cap onto an empty bottle (borrowed), and just by holding it at your fingertips, the bottle crushes in on itself. Like a vacuum.

  14. I'm sure the effect will find it's way out eventually... Good things come to those that wait, turn up the speculation and I'm sure more info will make it's self apparent... ;)

  15. I almost cried when I found out...
  16. I really cried when I found out, and had to describe the effect to my fellow magician.
    It's like describing how...beautiful your Wynn deck is right after you found that it was crushed under a dumpster truck, thrown into a muddy sewer, floated in the Pacific Ocean for 20 miserable days, ripped to shreds (and no restore) by my OWN pet dog, slashed to bits by a mutant ninja turtle....
    Sorry I got a bit emotional.

  17. I havent been able to eat or sleep the couple of last days... I need CRUSH...I dont want it I NEED IT!! PLEASE ERIC RELEASE THIS ASAP....PLEASE
  18. Good things come to those who wait. Cerca trova.
  19. Okay Ill wait..for now...:)

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