Crush - My Opinions

Apr 6, 2010
Theres been a lot of threads on this i know, but i got it today and this is my honest opinion, and a review, of Crush.

So i got Crush today, and i know there is a lot of speculation about it.

Once i watched the DVD with Eric Ross explaining both methods, my confidence was completely restored. Forget any negativity you have read about this effect, it is a killer! (I haven't performed it yet but i know it will be bloody good once i experiment a bit more with it.)

The gimmicked method is slightly elaborate in the setup, but also very simple and if you play it well, and have good control with it, it could be an absolute bomb. Personally i doubt i will use this much, as i don't think it suits me and there are a few complications i wasnt sure if i could work with. Don't let that put you off though, i am being serious when i say that done right, the gimmicked method would be fantastic, and people really wouldnt know what hit them.

Without revealing anything, theres a few restrictions to the gimmicked method that might not suit some people (like me.) You can use a spectators bottle, but this could sometimes pose a major problem depending on a certain factor i can not reveal. You also have to have sleeves or a jacket of some kind, but don't let this put you off, Eric has a geat way of setting up the gimmick and using it. But you can give them their bottle back, after a small clean up that is very natural.

Now, I took an instant liking to the ungimmicked method, and once again, forget anything that has been said regarding it, there are many factors that give this brilliant scope for great reactions.

Before Eric even finished explaining the method on the DVD, i had come up with a brilliant routine and bit of patter to go with this effect, and considering i am new to magic i was pretty chuffed with myself :).

I am going to experiment with this a bit as there are a few things i want to try, but i should get a very solid routine laid out, and I'm sure i can perform it really well.

Just to go over the ungimmicked method, there are no restrictions to this, bar the fact you have to have your own bottle. But if you perform it well, this won't matter at all. The spectator can hold the bottle, the bottle can be untouched, and you don't have to use a water bottle, you can use almost any bottle you fancy as long as you adjust the method for it.

You can't be caught out with this method as long as you build up to the crush with good patter that is relevant and persuades the audience. The bottle can also be examined straight after the trick.

I can not wait to try this out, and especially after experimenting with the effect a bit I'm sure i will produce a killer performance in most situations.

Really i cant recommend this enough if you like the idea of the effect, don't be put off by the simplicity of it, or the gimmick if/when you get it, they work fine and provide a lot of opportunity to be creative and fit this into many different routines. The [ungimmicked] method is perfect for people like me, who are new to magic and want a trick that has no complexities or sleights that you could get caught with, allowing you to focus on your performance.

I also wanted to say that this is absolutely worth the price tag of £23. You get two great methods and despite the fact that you may already know how they are done, it is worth every penny considering the tips and advice you get, on top of a solid, well made gimmick that will last you a long, long time.


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