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  1. Hey folks! I'm a huge fan of the Cull and techniques and tricks that go along with it and i must say there are some really really cool things on this download!! On to the review.

    Harapan Ong


    Where at?

    What They Say: Cullology is a triumphant project by our newest team member, Harapan Ong. The download contains 50 minutes of useful and detailed tuition covering culling basics, right through to advanced techniques and tricks utilizing the cull.

    You'll learn:

    Cull Masterclass
    : everything you need to know to do the cull smoothly and effortlessly. Harapan is a master at the technique and you can be too. He also teaches two new moves that utilise the cull: Buckle Replacement and Cull Tap Reversal.

    : four Kings displace into random position in the deck and then collect in the middle, with three selections below them. Considered card magic construction at its best.

    Indicated Replacements: the spectator inserts the Ace, Two and Three of Clubs into various positions of the deck in order to find three selections in increasingly move impressive ways.

    Come Back to Displace: a multi-phased handling of Bill Goodwin's "Slap Exchange" that will take you off guard.

    Mental Reverse: a modern day reworking on the "Biddle Trick" with several interesting new additions.

    Thoughts Well, Like i said above im a huge fan of the cull and this download really has some great techniques using the cull. Out of all the effects my favourite would have to be Mental Reverse it uses one of Harapan's awesome techniques to accomplish it. Since there are a few a effects on this i might just write a bit about each of them Individually.

    Cull Masterclass: I enjoyed this Harapan goes over the basic cull and the culling of 4 cards. Koysta's Road Runner Cull is referenced with a few differences of his own. There are also two techniques taught,

    Buckle Replacement: A very useful tool for people who love sandwhich effects/Collectors effects. This technique allows you to cleanly place multiple cards into different areas whilst in cull position without it looking unatural or flashing. It's alot of fun to play around with and is used in a few of the effects.

    Cull Tap Reversal: My favourite of the two moves, for example four aces are left face up in the deck the deck is spread through and shown that the aces are still in place face up. The deck is squared and instantly the aces are face down ontop of the deck, I watched the performance, and swore he would have used a duplicate, i thought i knew what was going on until the end and bam it hit me. It's a great technique.

    Now onto the tricks!

    Buckle-lectors: As the name sort of gives off this trick uses the Buckle replacement. The effect is basically 3 cards are selected and lost, the kings are then placed ontop of the deck with a shake they disperse into different areas in the deck. Then with another shake they meet in the middle with the three selections.

    I think this is a really cool use for the replacement technique and i enjoy using it, You could even just do the collectors part of the effect rather than doing the whole routine. You can play around with it to your own liking.

    Indicated Replacements: Another one using the Buckle Replacement. The basic effect is, an Ace, Two and Three out to the side. The spectators select three cards and they are lost, The spectator then places the Ace, Two and Three into the deck face up in different positions. From here the magician counts from the Face up 3 down three cards and one of the selections is there. (If that made sense) It happens with the rest of them aswell.

    For me the Ace, Two and Three is a bit much i dont think ill do it with all three, But the concept and the idea of the effect is great, ive thought of a few different ways to accomplish an effect like this using the technique. Not my favourite trick of the 5 but definately still good.

    Come Back To Displace: Not much to say here really besides what was said above, It is basically a version of Bill Goodwin's Slap Exchange. This is a fun and very creative version, i really enjoy the method especially the ending of the kings or aces, going back into the deck. I really enjoy it and its a great mix of the above techniques.

    Mental Displace: My favourite of the 5 effects, It uses the Cull Tap Reversal, And very very effectively might i add, a group of 5 cards is selected the spectator memorises one and shuffles the packet, They are then all placed face up into the deck in different areas then deck is squared and left on the table. Once the deck is spread again all the face up cards have dissapeared except for the thought of selection.

    I really love this and it hits hard on spectators, The concept of this effect could be used for many other things i can't wait to continue playing with this!

    Video/Teaching: The quality was great, and Harapan is a great teacher. There is a performance of every effect before teaching and different camera angles to learn from.

    So if you are interested in the Cull, Tricks with the Cull, even just advancing your techniques and ideas with cull i thoroughly recommend this.

    Definately one of the best from Vanishing Inc yet.

  2. Thank you for the review.
  3. Great review! I saw this on vanishing inc and watched it a few times over, I love the effects on it.
    You said he goes over the cull, like in full detail? If someone had minimal to know taught knowledge on the cull, would buying this be beneficial, or would Roadrunner Cull be better?

  4. Being Completely Honest, I would still go learn the Cull from the Roadrunner Cull, Although Harapan does a great job its still only brief where as the Roadrunner dvd is all about the cull, BUT the two extra techniques taught here are amazing when applyed to your cull, even if you have just learned it.

    So if you want to learn the Cull to a full extent get Road Runner, But if you know the Cull or are interested into briefly looking into the cull this will give you enough knowledge to atleast be able peform it.

    Hopefully i was able to answer your question :p

  5. Yeah that did help lol. I can cull pretty decently I believe, enough to get by. I can't do multiple cards though, that's my big knack.

    Thanks for the information though, I appreciate it.

  6. Hey guys:

    Thanks for the great review, Tom! I really appreciate the support and the kind words. Glad that you liked my work on the Spread Cull.

    Now, to answer those questions:

    In my download, I do go through what you need to know about the Cull in order to perform the effects included. I believe what I have provided is more than sufficient, but to say that you can learn every nuance of the Spread Cull from my download would be ridiculous. I suggest that if you wish to learn the Cull in full detail, please check out other books/DVDs that go into more detail with the Spread Cull. (e.g. Card College, Marlo's work with the Prayer Cull, Kostya's Roadrunner Cull DVD and Ian Morain's Cullfather DVD) These sources have amazing material and will give you a larger picture of what the Cull should be like.

    My Cullology download focuses on new additions to the Cull technique that make your Cull more efficient and versatile in your magic. My wish is to have more people using the Cull in their magic as I feel it's not only extremely useful, but is a basic building block of card magic.

    In short: If you have zero knowledge of the Cull, I believe what my download provides should give you enough information on how to do the Cull properly and invisibly, so it should not be a problem for a complete beginner to the Cull. It will even cover how to cull multiple cards, since it is needed for pretty much all the effects taught in Cullology. However, if you want to explore the technique itself further, I would definitely recommend you to check out other books and videos available.

    If you have any other questions, please feel free to drop me a PM or just post them here. Thanks everyone!

    - harapan. magic!

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