cups and balls madness

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  1. i have all ways found cups and balls really entertaining and i have just decided i would like to start it up, looking for some good routines i could get,. any ideas would be much appreciated thanks.
    The Renaissance Cups and Balls
  2. Ian Swiss have a nice masterclass in the subject, and of you really want to look at a legend check out Dai Vernons performance of cups and balls. Ian Swiss claims that all modern routines is build on Vernons routine.

    Penn and Teller have a funny routine that they speak of in their masterclass as well.
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  3. Michael Ammar's book and videos (although dated) are the best sources for learning. I love Marc DeSouza's routine in his Masterworks of Conjuring, Volume 1. Good routines to watch include Ricky Jay's routine and Jason Latimer's routine.
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  4. I second Michael Ammar's book (I don't have his video, though I'm sure it's excellent). The teaching is very clear, and the essays and interviews with other famous magicians in the last section are a special treat, filled with lots of excellent advice.
    The second routine I'd seen, and my favorite magic performance still, is Ricky Jay's cups and balls. Lots of good things to pick up there, too.
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  5. Gazzo and Ricky Jay have my favorite cups and balls routine but man there a ton of great ones out there!
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  6. Lots of good ones out there. I learned the Ammar routine many years ago. The video explains it very well. There was another one that ended with a bunch of pennies under the cup but I can't recall who did it.
  7. I just looked it up. John Mendoza did the routine that ended with the pennies. I really liked the ending to that one.

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