Cups and Balls not on stage?

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by rev02, Dec 16, 2018.

  1. Hi all, this is my first post so here goes. I'm still at school, and like to do tricks for my friends, haunted deck etc. However, a few years ago, I bought a set of cups and balls, but never really showed anyone because I've never really found a suitable setting. Everyone that I've seen performs them on stage, and some of the routines lend themselves quite nicely to that.
    Anyone think they are suitable for school stuff or should I just ditch the idea?
  2. I believe cups and balls can be done in any setting, provided that the routine is well practiced and more advanced elements work well in the particular setting you are anticipating (e.g. stage, stand up with spectators around you, sitting at a lunch table, etc.) Cups and Balls is one of those classic routines that lends itself to an unlimited number of techniques. Like all, many in the public know the primary gimmick so be prepared to demonstrate that their accusation is wrong...

    Good Luck
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  3. Thanks! Part of me really wants to just give it a go one day at school and see what happens. Maybe with some less advanced stuff if I have people standing round me. I guess it would be a good experience anyway.
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  4. Be careful here, cups and balls without some added routine techniques that are well rehearsed can be 'revealed' by audience members. Anytime doing one of the 'traditional tricks' (been around forever and is all over the Internet), like cups and balls; there is a higher probability that an audience member will know the trick. They then, frequently, will try and reveal to your audience what they think to be the trick. Unless, you prepare a routine to deal with this potential, you may find this trick to be a problem in your performance. Those situations are definitely not "a good experience"! Prepare well or you may have a learning experience, that will not meet your expectations.

    By the way, just to make sure you know, we never 'reveal' how any trick works on this website. That is why I am being careful not to talk about the too must be careful as you respond to my email.....

    Regardless, Good Luck.....Always Prepare Well, before doing any trick for anyone! That is the way you learn Magic, best!
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  5. Yes I will certainly practice it well beforehand, and I have some good books as well. Maybe I will try it on a few people first before I try it on friends.
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  6. So, I perform cups and balls standing up in front of a table. I've never got the hang of doing them sitting down. When performing, be aware of your angles.
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  7. A great patter can make the most cliche of tricks seem real novel. Do work on that too, of course, along with the sleighty part :)

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