Curious: All Magicians! Cont.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by copperfield 14, Nov 3, 2008.

  1. Well since the last thread was closed I thought I'd make a new one. This is basically just a thread to say whatever you want about any products, new magic , etc. So let's start from where we left off.

    What was the first effect you learned? What was the first effect you bought?
  2. amm, the first product I ever bought was a ghost deck,and obviously the gaff deck.
  3. like i said i dont remember the first trick i learnt, annd the first product i bought is coin bite.....

    P.S- you didnt get the last post RD :p
  4. im fairly sure the first one i bought was the ghost rising deck
  5. Remember you can change the subject anytime you want
  6. i like the idea of this thread.... it wont clutter up general discussion.

    who wants to bet it will be closed?
  7. I know.....:mad:

    Anyway, since I like you guys, I want to share with you some ideas I had....

    I was looking at surfaced....then back to the paper engine.....then again to surfaced.... and you know what? I thought of a wonderful aplication to both the clipshift and the gravity half pass....

    COuld you imagine both of them toguether??? Jeez, I am also looking forward to combine those two moves with gaff cards, the thing with them Is that I am going to be able of conceal them better than before, I also made my investigation on the clipshift, so I know the ideas I have are going to work....

    Anyway, I am currently waiting for my copy of "surfaced" to arrive, so I have a couple of more days to practice the gravity half pass... what do you guys think?
  8. mkay than

    what was the first trick you performed for some one.

    mine was the salt shaker through table thing, and it actually went well... until i tried to do it again
  9. naaaah, the mods are the coolest and most nice guys you can find.....
    besides, we are talking about magic!!!!

    (I hate you copperfield, now you are going to add "creator of Curios: all magicians...thread" to your signature, I hope you are happy:mad:)
  10. Why do you say that? As long as the topic is relevant to magic and/or something not obscene I think everyone is pretty happy.

    As for me, the trick that got me started was a card force. And ever since then it's just expanded.

  11. i could imagine it getting offtopic fairly quickly, however like i said i like the idea of it.

    and which card force rebel?:D
  12. I actually never learned the name to it. I can't really say with exposing the method but, it is very easy. I believe it's called the Slip-Cut Force....I could be wrong.

    Yeah, I'll keep my eye out, if it does go out of hand I'll steer it back on course, I love stories like these, interesting to see how/what got people started.

  13. :eek: Im tired, im going to bed now, dont let this thread die folks! I want to post in here tomorrow, see you guys soon.
  14. Again, I would like to see something from BJ Bueno, maybe something from B Smith and/or Dough Mckenzie.
  15. if t11 makes something with derren brown...

    seriously though, I think he should become the next artist, we need more brits and more mentalism! and hes b!oody good at hypnosis.

    oh pleeeeeeeease t11 :)
  16. Why have you all started?

    Something fun to do when you're bored, or you liked the reactions you saw on television...why?

    For me, it was because I needed more confidence in crowd managment and public speaking, so I decided to approach random people and show them something, to create a connnection within both me and the spectator.
  17. Time to change the subject!

    Who is your least favorite magician? (Besides CA) Why?
  18. Okay(word count):D
  19. very first trick, key card trick :)
    haha i thought it was the greatest thing ever.

    subject change.

    best reaction youve ever gotten doing a trick
  20. A guy gave me a newspaper once. It wasn't my best reaction but it was my favorite just for the sheer hilariousness.

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