Current card reviews are the same! How about some variety?

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    Card reviews are all the same
    i hear about Ellusionist's big cards and theory11s and all those really cool decks

    but what about the cards no one has heard of
    i want to know about
    Hoyle PGC
    vintage cards
    Copags (any of them)

    i want to know about these cards
    im tired of the same old cards everyone wants

    they may not be as great quality or style but some of them look nice and the feelings of some of the decks may be different i want to know what cards are good and what ones are not

    i want to try some new cards i tired of tally hos and bikes (definatly bikes)

    thanks for the help guys:D

    ok i desided to take matters into my own hands and i did find this cool site
  2. Go to the dan and dave forums and decknique to have some info on them.
  3. copags

    hey,I can tell you right now...copags are great quality cards. they palm, and backpalm very well, and are washable...they are very good cards (as well as KEM)...BUT, there is a down side...after I flourished with them for awhile... your hands get used to them, so when you go pick up some bikes, it will feel very weird for a little while....;)

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