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  1. I was just wondering... You know how t11 customized the back design of Bicycles and turned them into gaurdains, I just thought of how awesome it would be if t11 did somewhat of the same thing to fan and circle back tally hos! think about it, black shady back, and the circles can be like black gears, or spikes or something... And the ace of spades, the tally ace of spades is extravagant as it is but think of how it would look customized! If this idea gets enough interest we should contact t11 about it! :D
  2. we have the Vipers already.
  3. The vipers are just tallyhoes with black instead of white and silver instead of a colour.
  4. I get what you're saying... "Industrial Tally's" kinda.. reminiscent of the industrial style of their links.. i like that idea.
  5. If someone wants to provide a High Quality Scan (300 res) of the Tally-Ho back I will try to design something and see if you like it!

  6. nevermind the HQ scan.. just get an idea for it with a regular. We wouldn't want to copy it bit by bit. Just get creative!
  7. Even if i can, and i like your design, what can we do? Send the design to T11? It sounds good to me though...although i love my Viper :p
  8. i personally don't care what the card's colors can be, though Ellusionist loves the black cards... but as long as it has a white border and normal white faces, I'm fine.
  9. Bored at work.. thought it was a neat idea.. tada! I was at a loss for the background so I used T11's. Don't flame me too much

  10. Wow, that seems cool! even though there are vipers at the moment ( which I love ), it isn't a bad idea. maybe an idea for the future.

  11. I was thinking about doing what he said earlier. Some industrial looking gears over where the circles are on the fan back. Then throw in some wicked scroll work and color the thing.

    I need a bas image and my scanner is broke. :(

    Luckily I still have my Bike scan that I've been working on for the past week. If anyone wants to see that so far to get and idea for what I do let me know.

  12. dude, thats a pretty good proto... i realy like it. Seems like people are starting to get interested... so maybe i should contact somone...
  13. i hate the vipers, i think this idea is awesome, what editing program did you use?
  14. I say, why not? I mean, I'm getting pretty annoyed by "all" custom decks being Bicycle. I really don't understand why someone could make themselves say "We already have Vipers", implying that it is a ba idea because the marked has already been satisfied (by one custom deck). :confused:

    Let's see... what custom decks do we have at the moment:

    - Ghosts (Bicycle)
    - Black Tigers (Bicycle)
    - Guardians (Bicycle)
    - All the different decks from MagicMakers (Bicycle)
    - Masters and Shadow Masters (Bicycle)
    - 1800's (Bicycle)
    - Di Fatta (Green, Orange, Black, Gold and Silver Bicycle)
    - Endless USPCC versions, ex. Ribbon edition, 2008 Election edition, Inverted colors decks (also called fashion decks), Faded color, Berry, Lavender, Black/Silver, White/Silver, and so on... (Bicycle)


    - Vipers (Tally-Ho)
    - Split Spades (Tally-ho, now also Bee)


    There are also some brands that are regulary used by magicians that hasn't been customized yet. I'm thinking of Aladdin here.

    I think it would be a great idea to start to customize Tally-Ho's, Bee's and Aladdin's more. I think we have waaay to many customizations of the Bicycle 808, and not to forget... always in the rider back version! :mad: There are so many different Bicycle backs out there that are really nice (Index of Cards), why don't customize some of those? I think both cupid back and new fan back could do well just by customizing the color a bit.

    To summarize: I'm all for another custom Tally-Ho deck. ;)
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    i have an idea for my existing design.. i'll have it up sometime tomorrow... can't wait haha
  16. Hmm, that looks too shiny at the moment to me. Great work, however!
  17. yeah I thought about that too.. I'm gonna add a filter to give it that rusty weathered look

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