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  1. Hi Everyone,

    Total newb here with a question about Cyber. I just purchased it and since it's brand new, I'm not sure anyone can answer this yet. Similar to Omega, Cyber has refills listed($14.95), but I'm not sure what those refills would be. I understand refills for Omega - since you would eventually want a few decks to cycle through, but for Cyber, I'm not sure where they play in the trick.

    When I try to "add to cart" to see what this refill is, it gives me an error message (Cart Error: Cannot find variant). This might mean there is no refill for this trick or maybe it's not available yet. Just curious as to what it might be - if anything. Thanks!
  2. Not sure, apparently it cones with a few gimmicks in a box , you should have received an instruction video and it might describe what they are..

    On that note.. any chance this becone available for Android???
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  3. Cyber comes with an access card for an app in the App Store and also a pack of gimmicks (20+ reusable tags). The refills aren't supposed to be listed where you can see them right now (you should be able to access the refill product through the app though). Fixing that now.

    The refill pack is identical to the pack of gimmicks you get when buying the Cyber set, but cheaper. $14.95 as you said. This pack doesn't work without the app though, so you will need that first. Don't worry - you shouldn't need refills anytime soon.

    // L
  4. Will there eventually be an Android support?
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  5. The performer must use an iPhone that is an iPhone 7 or later, but the spectator can use an iPhone of that model (or newer) or a newer model Android phone.

    Currently we are looking into getting Android support but we have no estimated date of when it will become available. iPhone for now.
  6. I'm not the one who demands a demo of a full trick, but will we get to see more of the 8 tricks in action?

    I would like to see more and only because from what I've seen so far in the trailers, it doesn't look like magic, but it just looks like the performer was able to hack into someone's phone. That's pretty much what it looks like.

    I'm not saying the secret is hacking into the spectator's phones, but that's what it looks like. And if I had my phone real close to the magician's phone and my phone number all of a sudden showed up on his phone, I would think it was either a hack, a bug, or a feature not yet made public by Apple.

    Looks technical and not magical.
  7. This information is quite misleading. The spectator must have an iPhone XS or newer, which means only iPhones released in the past year and a half. Any other iPhone, including the iPhone X, won't work. I knew what kind of method I was going to get, but this was pretty disappointing :(
  8. Hi trikuxabi, I understand your concerns but having performed and tested this since last October, as well as many others working in the industry, you’d be surprised how many people have an iPhone that is 2 years old or newer. Whether it be at a gig or simply walking around in a public space, as I was shown in the trailer. It was interesting to me to see how many random people I saw holding their phone in public, so spotting the model based on the camera lens, is really easy.

    In addition, the brand new iPhone SE which is only $399 is compatible, as well as the iPhone 12 which is coming out within 90 days. With all this in mind, many people will be upgrading to an XS, XR, 11, 11 Pro, SE, 12 or 12 Pro; which will make 70% of iPhones compatible on the current market. As each month goes by I’m extremely confident your concerns will fade away. Also, as you might know, you can perform CYBER on a spectator’s Android.

    I appreciate your feedback and concerns.
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  9. Excited to get my hands on this... just got the shipping email today! Are we supposed to have a video walkthrough and guide in our Theory11 account or is everything coming in the package?
  10. Everything is coming in your package! The Cyber kit comes with a pack of gimmicks and an access card for the Cyber App (which means you can get the app without paying for it again). The videos you need are in the app.

    Also, for those wondering, you can opt to buy the app in the App Store, and then follow the link in the app to buy Cyber Gimmick Pack. The total cost is no different.

    // L
  11. I'm actually considering purchasing this, but had some questions:

    I'm thinking that the method is some kind of bug or security flaw in the iOS app that allows this to happen. If Apple fixes it and releases an iOS update, I worry that the effects will no longer work. If you can confirm that the method is not a hack/bug/security flaw in iOS, and will not make Cyber obsolete with a software update, I will pursue this purchase further.

  12. Hi rowelle, This is a great question. I can totally understand your concern. CYBER is NOT exploiting a security bug whatsoever. Apple saw every detail of the app and approved it with flying colors. The multiple technologies that are being used in CYBER are not going away in the slightest as we are on the cutting edge of implementing these technologies. How do I know this? Because I have read all the updates and additions to the new iOS that is coming out sometime this year.
  13. Hey, Worm. Thank you for responding to my email. I went ahead and purchased Cyber. I look forward to see more of what it's about as the trailer didn't really show much. If I have any further questions after receiving it, are you open to answer via DM/PM?

  14. absolutely. thanks for your support. easiest way to reach me via DM is IG @wormtv
  15. bonjour tout le monde
    je viens de recevoir le cyber aujourd’hui mais j'ai rien compris vu que je ne parle pas l'anglais
    y a il quelqu'un parmis vous que serez me l'expliquer en francais s'il vous plait ?
  16. Salut Jabran. J'utilise un traducteur pour parler avec vous. Connaissez-vous quelqu'un qui parle anglais et qui peut vous aider? Sinon, il existe des services en ligne comme qui peuvent vous aider à traduire.
  17. The instructions for Cyber got way too complicated. I want to use it, but man, it's kinda hard to follow along.
  18. I'm sorry to hear you are having trouble. I would suggest going back to the Help button on the main screen and also watching the tutorial for the Connection Call effect. If you are still having trouble you might want to write down the steps in sequential order while pausing the video. If that doesn't help feel free to contact me with the specific help you need (Instagram: @wormtv or Facebook: Worm Teevee). In addition, I suggest joining the unofficial Facebook group as everyone there is up and running:
  19. I just got my copy of Cyper but I'm planning on getting the next iPhone when it is released I currently have an iPhone 6s if I download it now just for fun and to learn the secret will I be able to install it on my new iPhone later or is the code good for one time only?
  20. Really good question. I guess your email + code combination should work for as many phones as you want, but as someone who has been saving these last few months for a shiny iPhone 12 Pro, I am curious too!
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