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  1. What is it with not making DVDS? Obviously they taped the tricks, but no lets sell it as a manuscript. Don't want the lazy people doing what you do? COME ON SERIOUSLY, its just that hard sleights NEED to be seen, not read from a book. I think its just lame how some people feel about magic. Does anyone else agree?
  2. how do you know the sleights are hard, and whats so bad about books?

    there are pictures too, what more do you want?
  3. i prefer learning from books

    because in a way its harder to learn... so some things you need to fiddle with and reread to get it right which gives you a better understanding of a trick

    and also when i learn from dvd's i constantly find myself mimicking the artists patter and style... and think its extremely important to BE YOURSELF
  4. Wait, wait, wait... you're calling them lazy? When you're the one scared to learn from a book because it'll take too much time? Wow, I can smell the irony on your breath from here. Books are great... I love books. There's absolutely nothing wrong with them... nothing. Except with dyslexic people... but that doesn't count.
  5. i understand what your points are definitely, but doing sleights and routines of course you need your own style. To me comming up with my own patter and stuff is not difficult and usually i just use the sleights as building blocks for my own routines, but when it comes to learning difficult sleights, you need to understand you are doing them correctly.
    Yes you could come up with mutations of the sleights but sometimes thats good and bad. i learn a lot of difficult moves/routines, and learning from books is just sometimes impossible for me. I like to see them done to help me.
    I just feel sometimes the artists are doing things just because they learned everything from books themselves. Great for you, i know how to read too. but visual is obviously a lot easier for most people. and i think its imperative when were working on really difficult sleights
  6. *IRONY hits you for 10,304,502 Hit Points*

    *you die*

    sorry, thats the old video gamer in me coming back to life.

    Youngens these days. I would like to point out that, magic on DVDs didn't always exist. All of our older, well-established working magicians learned a mojority of their material from BOOKS, lecture notes, etc... ! If they can do it, you can do... Wait, sorry, I will stop right there. Finishing that sentence could be giving you too much credit.

    Youtube is waiting for you.
  7. wow adjones thinks hes the man lol... i bet you. your some pathetic loser who sits home in your room whose prolly 13 with no real job in life and has the time to work on them. Plus i bet you have no skill and can't handle a deck of cards for your life. plus you don't perform with no presentational style at all on your own. and your skill level with a deck of cards lets just say is lame.
  8. tokyo, of course its possible, but also if you realize good magicians did not just learn from books. they were visual learners who went to lectures and learned from magicians, such as apprentices. we NOW do have DVDs for a reason. So if you have the choice, obviously DVDS are making millions of dollars a year for a reason and why book stores are never as busy as a night out at the movies.
  9. oh and all of you who learned from books, DID You all learn those impressive sleights and all the big craze from crazy manipulative skills from old books? RIIIIIIIght thats why now its popular. Because now we can see hard sleights being accomplished thats why our art is being pushed to a new level. Its seeing D&D and daniel madison pushing our limits to all the 13 year old kids working on harder sleights, go back 40 years in the books and show me a crazy cut that we see D&D doing now? oh wait im sorry you can't
  10. I completely agree, but you have to realize, you are getting these types of reactions from people because of the way you worded your original post.

    "What is it with not making DVDS? Obviously they taped the tricks, but no lets sell it as a manuscript. Don't want the lazy people doing what you do? COME ON SERIOUSLY, its just that hard sleights NEED to be seen, not read from a book. I think its just lame how some people feel about magic. Does anyone else agree?"

    If you would have simply said, "I simply wish that Kevin would have produced a DVD instead of a manuscript. I tend to learn better from DVDs since I am a visual learner. I will still try my best, but in my case, I have difficulty with difficult sleights when I don't have a visual representation to learn from."

    But NO, you ONE: you accused Kevin, DnD of not really wanting to share their magic, but to just make money, TWO: called their way of thinking lame. and THREE: the overall wording like "What is it with not making DVDs?" and "obviously they taped the tricks." You are in fact indirectly accusing them of poor salesmanship and production, calling them lazy.

    It is ok to be defensive to people's responses to your post, but you outright deserve every negative response after you flame three extremely talented magicians and flourishers, OPENLY, and deliberately on THEIR business website (DnD at least, not kevin)
  11. 1. Cuts and sleights are completely different.
    2. Five Faces of Sybil, which many might say started the whole 2 handed cut phenomina was taught, yes in a book.
    3. The first material DnD released, was in a manual called iTH, which guess what, was a printed manual!
    4. Sleights are no harder these days than before, Kevin's stuff may be very visual, but this doesn't mean it needs to be animated. If the manual was imageless I could understand your complaints, visual magic needs images, but there is no need for video.
    5. The obviously chose the Manual format for a reason, be it price to the consumer, cost of development, It being easier to explain certain things in words with photos then trying to do something impossibly slow over and over again. Perhaps Kevin Ho is just shy? :p

    Regardless, stop acting like some spoilt rich kid that only got a rollercoaster for his birthday instead of a whole amusment park. It's a manual, get over it, if you don't like it, go cry in the corner, no one here cares :)
  12. No I question there own idea of why making a manuscript. Meaning they obviously taped it. So i do question their method behind the madness, are they going to be greedy and sell it as a manuscript and a few months later come out with a dvd, with 2 other sleights involved? I don't doubt or question their abilities. I understand some people like reading from books and know for a fact that D&D learned MANY MANY ideas from books, and actually started their manipulative craze from a book/totally out of control/by chris kenner they all started after learning sybil many years ago.
    I just don't see the point because on the average people learn easier from a DVD. And im sure they have it on dvd, so i don't see why not make a dvd. I hope that clarifies it for everyone.
  13. You don't know they have it on DVD. Maybe they just filmed the performances...
  14. Ok, so I am assuming you are not a business major, well, might be hard, probably in High School??

    Well let's start with a simple example:

    Little Julia wants to be a singer, so she practices really really hard, and one day, finally gets a live concert gig. Nothing fancy, small venue, maybe a hundered people max or so. But, luckily for Julia, there just so happens to be music manager there that night scouting some new up and coming talent. We will call him Ted (that's a good managers name I think).

    Ted talks to Julia after the show and lets her know she has some talent, and maybe has a future in this industry. Julia gets really excited, goes home calls mommy, ya know, the usual celebration.

    Ted goes back to his music company and immediately books a year long world tour, a gazzilion CDs, talk show bookings (Oprah, Heraldo, David Letterman), the works!!!

    HMMMMM, doesnt sound right does it???

    No, it doesn't sound right, because that's not how business works in these types of industries. True, Kevin is a great artist, and it is very impressive that DnD are backing him and supporting him, but seriously. This basically the first real, promoted, produced, collection of works that Kevin is releasing. Any smart up and coming magician, who is hoping to release material, would not start from a DVD. Only the little kids who dream of making it big quick, without putting in the mileage, think about releasing their first DVD. A smart person would release a manuscript, see what kind of reaction it gets, then plan from there.

    HMMMMMM kinda like what DnD did????

    Get some years under you belt, think logically for a second, stop being so D*** defensive, open your eyes, and then you might understand.
  15. hahahaha well lets just say I have a MBA and i work for JP MORGAN AND CHASE. Lets say i don't have the time to sit and read a book when i get home from a REAL job. so don't talk to me of my level of education. and BTW im 25 and make phenomenal money but thats not the point of this discussion.
  16. Congratulations, I teach at one of Japan's top universities, do freelance web consulting and content writing, am a pretty successfull (money wise) amature pool player who will probably go pro here in a few years, have 27 pairs of shoes, like kittens, 2nd degree black belt, retired Ice-Hockey player, and know how to ride a unicycle?

    I'm sorry, this has what to do with the fact your ideas are still totally messed up??

    Its ok that you have no time to learn from a manuscript...

  17. oh and btw your petty little story is pathetic. and it has no bearing on reality. if your that great on the psyche of D&D my hats off to you. if not, keep your little anecdotes to yourself smart one.
  18. There is no need for bashing other members but I have been wondering why they made it a booklet. I mean dvds are easier and more helpful. Oh well.
  19. Congratulations, you just prove that no matter how much education you get, you can still be an immature ****.
  20. ok now. see now i understand you. thats ok for you but it obviously seems like you have plenty of time to read a manuscript. I on the other hand seriously have a lot of time at the 2 biggest financial company in the WORLD. I don't mean to be mean, i just mean i work a lot and with my spare time work on difficult sleights and routines. I just would of rather of it been on dvd.
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