D&D's Static with Gimmick?

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by Senz, Jul 20, 2009.

  1. Hey People.
    2 questions.

    1st: Does anyone know when Static is coming out? They said on twitter that it will be released soon. That was a month ago.

    2nd: I was told that it uses a gimmick?!?! Are you kidding? Since when do they use them?
    If anyone has some info please share them with me here.
  2. 1. I dunno

    2. WELL DUH! Of course it uses a gimmick. That trick has GIMMICK written all over it, i mean the deck moves without contact. Dan and dave are allowed to use gimmicks, i'm sure they use them quite often during their formal shows (you know, for laymen).
  3. It's pretty obvious that it is using a gimmick. Can you think of any kind of sleight of hand where a card shoots out by just touching the deck??
  4. 1. "Last weekend Dave and JB took to the Vegas Strip to shoot the trailer so expect that to hit the social networks soon.

    We teach two methods for performing STATIC as well as tip some alternate handlings. David Jade actually just sent me a nice improvement so perhaps we'll update everyone who buys the STATIC DVD with a free On Demand of additional information/tricks we come up with using the gimmick.

    The DVD will definitely be released this month. More details to come soon.

    dan "

    2. Yes, it uses a gimmick.
  5. actually i heard directly from dave that there is a impromptu way. But idk just wat he told me about a month ago. Idk maybe he was joking but i was talking to him about it.
  6. a Dvd for a little trick?

  7. NOOO its expected to be an on demand
  8. No, it's a DVD.
  9. A whole DVD for that little thing?

    It seems to me that its gimmickless. The method,I think,is more primitive than we think.
    It seems you have to hold some pressure on the deck to keep it from sliding out. Just watch the video on youtube again.Look at his hands.
  10. No idea, they may put more stuff into it, but all I know is that it will be a DVD.

    They're not making it an on-demand because I think you get the gimmick with the dvd rather than having to create your own.
  11. wow i swore i heard from him an on demand where did u find it to be a dvd?
  12. it doesnt need a loop,but it is gimmicked.Isnt it?
    Cas Dan or Dave said in their bad ass trick.
  13. Seems like a money making tactic.

    If its an On Demand (which was confirmed that it wasnt) then i'd buy the trick.

    I'll skip this one out.
  14. It doesn't use loops but it does use a gimmick.
  15. Hello, my normal user name is magicdude923 but i transferred it.

    For everyone here, the reason it needs to be a DVD is due to the "gimmick". They went to great lengths to ensure you are receiving the best that is best suited for this trick. I am sure that if it were gimmickless, they would not make a full DVD for it.
  16. That makes perfect sense, hopefully it's a cheap DVD. I wouldn't spend more than seven bucks for the move.
  17. You are correct. This effect does utilize a gimmick, but it is an ingenious little gimmick. I examined the deck to my heart's content after they performed it the first time (in that artist diary vid we posted from California Pizza Kitchen) - I found NOTHING.

    It's a very smart, practical, simple effect that's fun to perform. Dan White has been tearing it up with this for weeks in his live performances; it's now one of his fav's. More details within the week.
  18. Very well spoken, I too have been doing this trick whenever I perform live and it kills. The great thing about it too is that you do not have to worry about the gimmick interfering with any other tricks in the deck.

    When i last spoke to Dan (Buck) , the DVD was reasonably priced and regarding the gimmick, you are going to have plenty.

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