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  1. I am thinking about buying one of D+M's PDFs. I am not sure whether to buy one of his origanal lecture notes or Thoughts of A Madman...
    Tell me what you think,
  2. I own the Daniel Madison Trilogy and Identity, wonderful stuff. One is one of the best reads I have had in a while, so thats my recommendation.

  3. i would go for one or three. but BURN is SICK!!
  4. I have One and Three, One is an amazing source of card magic and most of the routines I will definetely use, especially Cameo (there is a section of effects that were so-so, but were not filler, he stated that they were underdeveloped but included them for you anyways, possibly to work on yourself). This was my first purchase from him and gave me a good impression of his material which brought me to purchase III.

    III is a great source of sleights, the only one in the trilogy that were not lecture notes. It gives you sleights that you will be able to piece together and create your own routines. It includes some great sleights (Mad Tenkai Steal, Roll Load) but it is more advanced and has some complicated/knacky ones (Mad Tenkai Steal, Pressure Shot). III was good but if you want straight up magic, go with One as a purchase.

  5. I was thinking of buying daniel's trilogy as well (i'm buying identity for sure)

    is II any good? or should i just get I and III

    I'm more into sleights because I have enough magic tricks to last me 5 life times.
  6. Thanks I read the review for one, and have decided to get that one.
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    Yeah I hadn't heard much on II, the only review I saw was a basic overlook of it, if someone sees one with an opinion on each trick etc., please link it.

  8. TWO is great. It has the original BURN effects called the BLAZE series. Defintaly worth it.:) Have any questions about any of his PDFs PM I have them all.

  9. Yeah, II gets looked down upon here due to the fact that a lot of the effects are gimmicked/require setup. I think it's great personally.
  10. .......

    one is definitely great.. but two??? im not that sure personally i dont think the BLAZE effects are that impressive well visually i mean the gimmiks...i think you should get one,III and burn....
  11. Have a look at my post. HERE. It has all the effects from the DM Trilogy and says if they are impromtu BLA BLA BLA.


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