D+M's THREE (Short Review)

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  1. excelent.

    simply excelent.

    the slights are well done (but very hard i might add)

    the cleverness of each move is great,
    i can say for sure, this is the best pdf on magic ive bought.

    overall, i give it a 10/10

    the difficulty level is steep though, but hard pratice will get these moves down well.
  2. i think you posted this in the wrong sections =d
  3. I'm reading it right now....

    Practicing the D Double as you read this.
  4. I just picked this up and it is very good. The snap delay is worth the cost of the notes.

    From III :

    "This has become one of my favourite colour changes of all time, it’ll take a little work but you’ll fool yourself with it"

    I just keep doing this move over and over in my mirror and it's just amazing. Plus you can really do this slow I take around 15 seconds to do the change and it just happens. I know whats going to happen and I still get fooled.

    I will post a full review in a month or so. As with all of Mr Madison's work you will want to devote a good amount of practice time for III.

  5. About Snap Delay, the spectator will here a sound. One card doesn't make a sound. What do I do?
  6. JPD,

    You have to practice making it as smooth as you possibly can. Most of the sound will go away. I use new cards as well and you dont have to snap as hard as you would with just a snap change. Make it smooth controlled and work on the movement. and slow it down. this change screams slow IMHO.


  7. Funny, in the credits part thing, he spelled Lenart Green. With only one n.
  8. JPD,

    Check out the BACKSPACE CARD VANISH I have been playing around with it for around 30 minutes. I have added a new twist to it that makes it flow really well with RIPFREE.

  9. Dude, for backspace, why didn't I think of that. Its soooo easy.
  10. And it looks ooh so good :) I think it adds allot to the effect. I have a fairly sweet routine made out of the notes already. The change is still the best for me so far.

  11. hows ripfree? is it just another tnr because i am exhausted from them atm...:cool:
  12. RIPFREE is a nice Corner restore. I feel this is more powerful if you and it into a routine and not just as a stand alone TnR.


  13. I'm a big fan of Back2Base. The Backspace Vanish is pretty cool but I think the hardest thing is getting it smooth.

    - Sean

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