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Dai Vernon's slow motion ace vanish - HELP!

Sep 1, 2007

let's give this theory 11 a shot. I've been trying to learn DV's slow motion ace vanish, I bought revelations especially for that actually ... unfortunately his "explanation" was very brief and without a demo.

so, regardless, I've been growing my thumbnail out and it almost looks '288' (too gross) but if it'll let me do this vanish, so be it. Yet I still cannot get this "leverage" he speaks of.

are you expected to surgically implant the card in your cuticle or what? can someone give me some tips on getting it to stick - i'm about to just give up , cut my nail, and use a square of double-sided sticky tape on my thumbnail as a fix :(
Sep 1, 2007
Orlando, FL
I've seen old footage of Vernon doing this; it looks great.
Having said that, however, I've never met anyone else who can do it. The problem you have is the common one: getting it to stay under the nail. The only conclusion I've been able to draw is that Vernon may just have had a "special" thumb.
Aug 31, 2007
then create yoru own routine~ ( b/c I made my own version of this trick too as I only learned it from someone's effect on youtube; also, i dont have the original version's explaination)


Sep 1, 2007

Yeah, like Aaron said, this is just a wierd thing to try and learn. I have fairly big nails (wit witty witty small hands) and I found it really hard. I think this was just one of Dai's little things.

Maybe pick up Ultimate Card Secrets (or something along that line...) that has a description as well I believe, which might help you a bit.

Sep 1, 2007
thank you guys for the information. Aaron, can you tell me where you saw the old footage? i would like to pick that up.

King arthur love... uh... thanks for sharing? that's just peachy that you would rather learn the effect off youtube, I bet it's the best possible place to learn it from lol :(
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