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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Sinful, Oct 22, 2008.

  1. Hey everyone. I recommend you all head over to Wayne Houchin's website. In case you didn't already know, Wayne does a little thing called the "daily update". Also, guess what? He does it daily! (Ah yes, me with my bad humor. Well, I hope you at least smiled, but I doubt you did...)

    People submit e-mail to Wayne and Wayne each day picks out new questions to answer. (I'm gonna send in my first e-mail soon.)

    I just thought everyone should watch these. Wayne gives real life stories, magic recommendations, advice, and more on these. The information is great. Today's video actually talks about what Wayne does with hecklers and a story about what he did in a bar when there was a heckler at a table with about 5 people.

    Very inspirational. Thanks for doing these Wayne. I check these daily.

    Only downside is that he deletes all the videos from the week before. So make sure you catch the videos while they are still up because the information and advice Wayne shares is advice you won't find in other places.

    Great stuff these videos have.


    EDIT: Tomorrow is the 2nd official Dana Day. Dana will be in tomorrow's video and Dana will answer some questions. :) So if you submit an e-mail tonight, make sure its for Dana. ;)
  2. Funny you posted this dougy, I was about to make a thread.

    Thanks for taking the time everyday wayne, I love these things.
  3. Yeah Ive been checking it out every day so far, its really good.
  4. Yeah they have been very informative so far. Wayne is the man.
  5. Sinful...I completely agree. His updates are relevent, concise, and full of practical advice. His new site is done really well....everyone should go over there and check it out.

  6. Kinda freaky that I was watching those ivds last night.....:confused:

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