Damn Straight by Kevin Ho

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  1. Was there ever a tutorial on this? I was just wondering because I know somewhere where theres a tutorial but its kinda odd that its not on youtube. So yeah.

    Now if you don't know what it is, which is a little wierd because I'm asking a question about it and you don't know, here it is. Its the first ever thing on the video.

  2. i have no idea what damn straight is and, is it in the video or is it just there?
  3. Well, I don't think you can answer my question.
  4. Hey JPD

    'Damn Straight" was actually offered as a tutorial by Kevin for a period of time. However, I'm not sure if you can learn it anywhere anymore. To quote Kevin exactly-

    "It's called 'Damn Straight', which I offered as a free (although hidden) tutorial in my site about 2 years ago - it's not up any more, though." (Taken from the comments section of the video Virtuoso).

    Hope that helps

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    I thank you for that. Are you a shy person or something? 3 posts.
  6. woh man, JPD, i think you have your answer...^^^
  7. I had found this tutorial a few months ago and tried to learn it myself. I'm not amazing at Cardistry but, get ready to get some cuts and blisters, since the positioning of the deck is rather difficult. It takes great flexibility.

  8. Alright guys, just forget about this thread. I got my answer.
  9. THanks for link. It's cool vertical display. Look srealy cool.
    I always wanted to find this tutor.
  10. whoa, that is a cool display, thanks kev/cerebus.... i notice kevin has doublejointed fingers or something?
  11. Also notice how Kevin is showing off his mindreading skills in the tutorial. He keeps saying "You want to..." for every part of the move.
    How on earth does he know I want to do that? Creepy stuff.

    I don't think it's double-jointedness, and I suffer from the same "problem". When putting a lot of tension on a finger, only the outer joint bends.
    This happens especially when doing springs.
    Jordan loves this phenomenon.

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    In addition to saying 'you want to' I also use the word 'thingy' a lot in that tutorial... I guess I was trying to suggest something involving those two, without mentioning any verbs in particular.

    Anyway, thanks to Abe for helping to redirect JPD to the page - I appreciate it. In addition to Damn Straight, I've posted a lot of my other older stuff to my Vimeo account that I didn't upload to my Youtube page. It's an interesting look at my progress over the years - the very least I can say is that I don't suck as much now as I used to.

    -Kev, The Virts
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    That's your move?
  14. But, if you sucked back then...

    oh my god. You truly are a cardistry master
  15. That is the truth.

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