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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Wilson, Nov 14, 2007.

  1. I have a question for Dan and Dave Buck so can you guys please reply back or if anyone in the forums know feel free to also reply

    I was just wondering is Dan and Dave Buck currently working on a project or DVD???When will there next release be and what will it be...more flourishes????or some magic ??

  2. have you mastered everything on the trilogy? if so, then wait for everyone else to catch up, and then a year or two, something might be planned then. I doubt there will be anything major for a while
  3. there working 9n somethuing search the site and youll find the answer

    remember cerca trova
  4. Dave and I are actually working on a handful of projects right now. That's why we've been so quiet around the forums lately. The Trilogy was just the beginning.

    1. The dananddave Deck is coming early next year.

    2. A new set of notes is in the works (we hope to have these out by March as we'll be traveling to France for a short run of lectures)

    3. We have plans to release a follow-up or BONUS DISC for The Trilogy next summer called andthensome.

    There's more coming from dananddave. Much more...

  5. do you know exactly when and where you will be in france?
  6. Whats going to be on andthensome? Flourishes, tricks, more of everythingelse?
  7. Looking foward to the DnD deck!

    Just a off topic note.
    Bucks, look at your name it says "dananddave is online" someone who can may want to change the script for them or w.e they have to do so it says "dananddave are online"

  8. That would be quite complicated for such a minority.

    As for the stuff, sounds good, can't wait to see what the deck will look like.
  9. Nice job for spotting that, but in this case dananddave would be a username, and it's just like saying "sky_lark is online". If the username was actually a formal name, then I could see what you mean.

    Gah, I don't really know what I'm talking about lol. Hehe.
  10. I can't wait to see the DnD deck. Im so excited!
  11. Sounds exciting. I too am quite curious as to what the Dan and Dave deck is going to look like. I literally just got finished with ordering The System and the "S" Poster by Brad Webber. That thing is going to look sweet on my wall.

    Anyway, ya'll rock.

    Shane K.
  12. After making the Trilogy, you guys need some time off.

    I guess you can't keep a Winner down. If you are not growing, your dying.
  13. I know dan and dave are working very hard
    they were working on those notes on their birthday
    those guys just dont know when to stop moving

    if you guys are reading this keep up the good work
  14. andthensome, thats a pretty funny name. Well looking forward to everything, I want to see how the cards look, hope they look cool. By the way you guys are working too hard, I remembered in your artist profile you answered one of the questions that was aboutt how much your oractice and one of you guys, said "like 8 to 10 hours everyday in High School" or something like that, I am going to practice 10 hours and 30 minutes, and I am going to beat you guys, just kidding, unless I'll practice in school, or don't sleep I won't be able to find that much time
    PS I am sad that you are releasing andthensome, because we wonn't be able to call it The Trilogy, such a cool name thrown away, now it's either going to be Quadrupilogy, or tricksflourishesandeverythingelseandthensome, long name

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