Dan and Dave on Time Warp this Wednesday

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by James Smith, Jun 16, 2009.

  1. I'm so happy it's finally going to be aired. Hopefully I'll be able to see it 'live' but I'm sure they'll post the episode on Youtube afterwards, as they do with most of them.
  2. I thought this week was the Cirque De Soleil episode?
  3. ok, this might be a stupid question, but is that a diving board double followed up with a TG?
  4. Indeed it is. More specifically, it's an Acrobatic Diving Board Double... the standard Diving Board Double does not travel through the air.
  5. I wonder what pandt is going to do. Maybe they will do the cups and balls with clear cups.
  6. I wonder when it'll show in UK...
  7. I just realized I sounded like a total jerk above. I didn't mean to say it was a stupid question... I was saying it "indeed was" a Diving Board Double.
  8. So it it comes on at 8pm (in 1 hour) and then it will come on again at 11pm, right?
  9. It's on tonight, I'm very excited. My friend is over and we're going to watch in awe. He is trying to learn floursi

    jlI'm terrible at it

    -DaveyG's friend

    Yeah he is is pretty bad.
  10. Does anyone know if the show will be online. Like on the discovery channel website, youtube, etc?
  11. Well don't get too excited, it just ended on the East Coast and they didn't show it...

    Cool stuff with Penn and Teller, the Fuel Girls, and Circ de Soleil, but no Dan and Dave. What's up?
  12. ya wat the heck happened, i was excited for d and d, but they werent on, what gives!

  13. OK good I wasnt the only one who thought they werent shown. But WTF what happened to them?????
  14. They like to do things ahead of time, and then air them on different shows... don't be surprised if they have a poker... and/or card show soon!
  15. They never did say a time for when the twins would be on, we just assumed that because pen and teller were on that there would be a magic themed episode. We should check for when they are going to be on in the next couple of following weeks.
  16. Yea no buck twins.

    fuel girls and all that fire stuff was awsome..
  17. That's a shame, I wasted 1 hour of time watching it...haha :p

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