Dan and Dave - On Time Warp TONIGHT at 8:00pm EST

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by j.bayme, Jun 24, 2009.

  1. Yay!!!!:d Yaya!!!!! 15 more minutes!!! Can't wait!
  2. Yay! Are we positive this time? Last night was a major letdown. It will be on in fifteen minutes since for some reason my TV is set to EST. It's kind of fun because I always know who won American Idol before everyone else in the state.
  3. CHEATER!!! *points*. Well, it's going to be fun watching it!:D

    Are you sure its today? Because I just checked on T.V and it seems that todays theme is like mixed martial arts and stuff.

    JB. I think you might be wrong. I just saw the commercial for tonights episode and it's all about fighting and boxing. That was all that was advertised.

  5. they just mixed this segment in with another episode.
  6. Just going by what Dan and Dave heard from the producers today. Wouldn't bet my life on it, but that's what they said. We shall find out soon!
  7. If dan and dave thing its true, it would be great if you guys could upload their segment just as you did with ricky, I dont have acces to discovery :(

  8. ok its on now all we can do is hope and watch ;)
  9. Doesn't look like it. "Big Cats and Mixed Martial Arts" No cards in the preview
  10. hmm

    Yea i'm watching it.

    They didnt say a word about Dan and Dave.
  11. yah i noticed that too :mad:
  12. it was on the preview for "later this episode!" alright!!
  14. :DI am watching it! They're on advertisements and said they'd be right back with Dan and Dave!!!
    SO HAPPY!!!
  15. When penn and teller where on they did catch some stuff from slowing things down. You think they witch catch the bucks?
  16. theyre comin up on it soon!
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    YAYYY WATCHIN THEM NOW...really cool.


    EDIT: they did a couple flourishes i didnt know off the top of my head, a waterfall, carp spring, macmillan switch, and bottom deal!!!
  18. Excellent! The only downside is this...I didn't know how to execute a bottom deal, I had never tried, but now I know and I'm sure with practice I could do it.
  19. Try many years of practice.

    Good job, guys. I was a bit worried about what moves would be featured, but I think that the right sleights were picked.

    If only the Time Warp guys would have put some effort into learning who was who... that was really unprofessional.

    P.S. That vertical card spring was f****ing nuts

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