Dan and Dave - Regular Bikes?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by filth0013, May 31, 2008.

  1. has anyone ever seen them or footage of them with a regular deck of bikes?
  2. If you check out Chris Hestnes's Youtube channel, there is a video of Dan/Dave performing Subway with jumbo index bikes.
  3. Also, you can see them with regular bikes in the trailer of "Sleightly Magical" as well
  4. They also use bikes on Pasteboard Anime in the Systems DVD.
  5. bikes are great for magic because they look like ordinary cards so most magicians use that when hangin with laymen right?
  6. Who cares about laymen? I use the deck I want to use in front of them.
  7. Umm... Everyone, laymen is what the art is for. I mean, you don't do magic for yourself, you do it for laymen. So, every little thing matters, including the type of deck you use.
  8. I do magic for myself. Forget the laymen!
  9. y does the deck type matter to laymen? ive had ppl ask me if my bikes were trick cards. you think people are used to see any types of cards at all?
  10. lololololololololololololol:p:p
  11. and your still trying to figure out how you did that card trick too
  12. Laymen don't understand that bikes are the most used decks. I used tally hos both red/ blue and fan/ circle back I use them because 1. they last longer. 2. they look elegant. 3. I get comments like "where can I get a deck like that, they look amazing." "I reply they last the longest compared to the price I pay"
  13. I guess people had enough discussions on regular bikes/custom decks in "March 08 :: Custom Playing Cards"...

    The question was

  14. ^^ Well the question was already answered :)

    The whole Bikes thing only really matters in America where everyone can buy Bikes at their local shop. Here in England Bikes are as foreign to laymen as any other deck of cards.
  15. They do use Bicycle's some times but usually not. That actually seems kind of weird to me. Especially since I love bikes for flourishing.

    Dylan P.
  16. i have only seen them using jumbo index once while performing subway.
  17. Welcome to the Theory11 forums. ;)

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