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  1. Ahhh.. The System by Dan and Dave. Despite being the DVD that hasn't left my DVD Player since I bought it, I'll try and remain as on point as possible and avoid fanboy bias (I'm not super human, but I'll try) I got this bundled with The Trilogy for the extra $20, and boy am I glad I did, it's great.

    Content 5/5

    The System is filled with 18 cuts from the skillful hands of Dan and Dave. While the DVD doesn't ooze quality like their latest release The Trilogy does, The System makes up for it by being filled with awesome material, and a lot of great cuts. These cuts are not for the faint hearted, and I would NOT recommend this DVD to an absolute beginner. I would recommend at least a month or so in flourishing (not just card magic) before attempting this DVD, not just because of the difficulty but because it doesn't do any hand holding (see Teaching).

    Teaching 4/5

    When I first watched this I found it incredibly difficult to learn from. It offers each move front on, and from a semi-top angle. Both full speed and then slowed down so you can follow along. Because of this teaching method it can be VERY difficult for a beginner to have any idea whats going on, as what happened to me. However, after experience with how cards pivot etc, going back to the DVD at a later point I found the moves amazingly simple to pick up. While difficult, the teaching itself did not hinder the learning process. Some people find it really hard to learn from, and it can be at times, but the outcome is definitely worth the effort. I give it a 4, because the teaching is fine. If you can't learn from The System, then you probably aren't ready to be learning the content quite yet.

    Extras 5/5

    The DVD offers Pasteboard Animations which is a short home movie Dan and Dave made back in high school which is actually a great place to start if you are a relative beginner. They go through a few of the cuts that appear on the DVD, as well as some unique things such as Ace Productions that don't appear on the DVD anywhere but in that movie. The DVD's also have a number of Easter Eggs which are entertaining. While there isn't A LOT of useful extras (Funny clips, and outtakes are nice, but not totally necessary) there is plenty of things other than cuts on this DVD to keep you occupied.


    If you've been into flourishing for a while and really want to step up your skills when it comes to fancy cuts, then this is the DVD for you. With plenty of varying cuts, even the cuts that share the same name look quite different from each other and there is enough material in here to keep you going forever. Getting even one of these cuts as fast and smooth as Dan and Dave Buck would be a major accomplishment. If you've bought Extreme Beginners, and want to move on I'd recommend this DVD it covers a lot of concepts that you'll use to develop your own cuts or recognize in others.

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