dan and dave twothousandten lecture dvd complete review

Oct 1, 2010
Before i start i should say that these dvd is great thanks dan and dave
tricks / sybil triumph these is a great effect to do as opener effect u will learn avery good control u can use for any other trick and it shows the spectators how good u are with playing cards overall 8/10

Rigged it is a coin trick dave created i dont have things to say about it overall 6/10

Edamame it is vegetable trick u eat it and restore it back :D it look so so magical dave explained it well it is impromptu 7/10

Seduction it is great sandwich trick uses tg Deck flip u will learn new control to the bottom of the deck and looks flourishy too 9/10
Autocatch 1.1 it is variation on the original one uses only another control the bluff pass used in tivo transpo explained in the trilogy it makes the spectators easy to follow what u are doing 7/10

portal card travel from one hand to another u will learn amazing double lift from the center it is great effect dan explained it very well 9/10

fa (uzumaki) it is dan's take on shifty by chris kenner it is great trick need practice and have a very nice ending 10/10


flirt it is the fastest flourish in the world it looks great already explained on andthensome like most of the item on this dvd 7/10

flic one card flourish look amazing u can add it to any effect to flic the card in the air and catch it dave also teach u one application to flic the card in the deck in stead of stabbing it 9/10
underpressure good looking flourish it will not take practice if u had mastered the pressure fan 10/10

Tg deck flip good flourish it needs some practice 9/10

the werm already explained on the system dvd dan explain it well it is easy 8/10

molecule 3.1 variation on molecule 3 it is great looking flourish needs practice to spin the card if u know hot to do molecule 3 these will be easy

miller cascade control great control to do dave explained it well

spread control spencer peterson explained it very well with other application and tricks it is great control to do

i know my review is bad this is my first review / please forgive me for my bad english
Feb 23, 2010
good review and there is no problem with your english either but please use at least full stops or commas because it is very hard to read a text if it is written without any punctutation mark in it thanks in advance
Jul 27, 2010
Chicago, Illinois
It is important to note that the sybil triumph is not taught. It is just a concept that is given. Also, Rigged is not really a coin trick it is a way of controlling the outcome for a coin toss, already taught in their book Organic.
Jul 27, 2010
Chicago, Illinois
Yea but you made it sound like it is taught. Some people might not be able to figure the control out or they don't know the Sybil Flourish, so I just thought I would point it out for people who don't have the DVD.
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