Dan and Dave's New Deck - Smoke and Mirrors

Discussion in 'Cardistry & Flourishing Forum' started by white_lynx86, May 22, 2008.

  1. i've read form genni magazine that dan and dave are about to launch a new deck called smoke and mirrors, it come in red and blue backs

    i've search everywhere, but i don't get any further info about it

    does anybody have any idea?
  2. The reason why you couldn't find any further info is because not much people know what to expect. (at least, we know that it's not a black deck.)
  3. There have been a few threads about it in the Dan and Dave forums and on Cardistry. I was under the impression that the magazine ad said that the deck was coming in "two colors" and didn't specify Red and Blue...but maybe I've missed the latest...
  4. It will be in gray scale.
  5. I suppose I could ask Si Scott when I see him this weekend. Maybe I'll even have a peek at the cards.

  6. yup, it doesn't say red n blue
    my mistake then sorry

    i wonder if there's any teaser video or picture

    the as of spades looks pretty cool thoug in the magazine

    it looks mystical yet very light imgae...
  7. Yup. I've read some news about new deck on Dan&Dave forum. SO I hope they'll realixe it soon!
  8. Yeah, I really like "Tank theory" (4th from the right, top row) and the "Ink and Lyrics, a leash called love" (below Tank Theory)

    Any dates for screens or releases? I'm definently putting some money aside for them early.
  9. The latest news from the dananddave newsletter:

    The final designs for Smoke & Mirrors, Dan and Dave's new brand of playing cards, are now in the hands of the US Playing Card Company and will be released very soon.
  10. They said it will be black and white inverse.

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