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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by goodtechs, Jun 2, 2008.

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    I think it's not finished yet. But still Looks Awesome:D

    [MOD Note:: Please Read the following quote before checking out this site]
  2. Wow, that looks cool.
    I didn't know they were making a new site.
  3. Nice, looks awesome. Clip shift available 6/10/08 that is about 7 days. Wondering about smoke and mirrors(It is before clipshift so.....). Maybe the site will be on, on 6/10/08?
    Cheers guys

    Anyone know if Thoery11 will hold these cards?
  4. i dont know if $40 bucks is worth surfaced...
  5. ehh......I dont like it......the one now is better........
  6. Go to playing cards in the side bar and a little look at smokes and mirrors
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    Well after reading what Dan and Dave wrote, and that is their site I'm really excited. The book, and playing card selection are to die for. Wow.

  8. Well apparently they're updating it as we speak, because as of like 15 seconds ago there was no "about us" page...and if you check now, voila!
  9. How come when I check out to get S&M, The checkout page isnt there. wtf. Any of you guys have the same problem?
  10. I doubt the plumbing's intact yet. Since the site hasn't launched, you may want to wait before trying to order anything.
  11. But when you order the decks, 8 decks are already taken you can see it. So some people worked for them. wtf.
  12. probably not a new site. just a test run for a new layout for dananddave.com. I mean, why would they change sites now. :confused: Also, not everything is correct, so If they were going to use this site, why would all those things be wrong. and it says these are NOT real prices. you can NOT buy anything. read next time people.:cool:
  13. Actually, it is a new site. D&D talked about changing servers a long time ago. It says all that stuff so people won't start buying stuff before D&D are ready to ship it.

    And it looks like D&D just restricted the site anyway, with their awesome site restricting skills.
  14. Oh, well I wasn't on D&D 'long ago'. Maybe it is a new site then. My bad:(. thanks for the info

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  15. whenever i try and click the link it asks for username and password for the server.. anyone else get this?
  16. it also seem the dananddave.com forums are unavailable too. (at least for me)
  17. They were originally planning to change to this server. Who knows, though. They may trip us all up and go to that server anyway.

    And yeah, jrobarts. They restricted the new site. No way you're going to access it unless you know the password they set.
  18. thanks a lot. i just want to be aware of whats going on and where to pick up the clipshift and S&M when they come out

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