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  1. i was wondering if there was any home made footage of dan and dave buck learning a flourish for the first time.

    i just thought it would be interestng to see them trying somethng and to see how fast they pick it up

    if they have any footage does anyone agree that they should post it in the media section.
  2. I don't think you'll find anything like that... I mean, why would they post a video of themselves practising?
  3. It would be a neat video of them to post, see that they weren't all that different then we are when they first started and were practicing.
  4. There is one and it's called ( Pastboard Animation )

    you can find it in the system ,,,
  5. yeh, pasteboard animation is probably the closest thing to seing dan and dave practicing a new move.

    but it would be interesting if dan and dave made a short vid of their practice.
  6. It would be kind of neat to see them screwing things up occasionally. It can be offputting as a beginner to see them going to fast and all the dedication they've put in and go "I'll never be that good, I have a job, and school, and blah blah blah, I may as well give up" Seeing them struggle like normal human beings for a change would be nice.

    Though I have a feeling they have supernatural card handling skills that means they can do any cut 12 times blindfolded without even being told a full description at 5 times the speed the creator can.

    The times they screw up on the system, were hand doubles, so we wouldn't catch on.
  7. Outtakes in The System.
  8. Man,the system does have everything doesn't it.
  9. i personally dont like dan and daves style of teaching on the system but other then that its amazing.
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    They really improved the teachin' on the Trilogy, so easy to learn from.
  11. The thing i like about pasteboard animation is that if you look at the cuts although they are done at speed some of them are not smooth and a bit choppy. Then look at the teaching and its spot on, it just shows over time and with practise smoothness just happens. This really helped me along when i was starting out.
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    Yes, the System sure has everything, and it has the coolest menu ever. Last week I finished, got all the moves from there down and fast.

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