Dan Hauss+Blake Vogt+PaperCrane=?

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  1. something about this effect makes me dont like it . i don't know what .
  2. What effect? You can't even see the FULL effect, yet - and there's hardly any info released so far.
  3. well , the effect is he change the scribble to a name of the selected card , right ??
  4. That's what it seems like it, but I can guarantee there's more to it. I wonder if this is a project of effects or just Dan Hauss and Blake Vogt collaborating on only one effect with variations and thoughts.
  5. I am waiting to see the effect and then we can talk...
  6. it looks like they are making a music video instead :p
  7. I hope that it is a project like F(9), and not like the Gorilla Change or LIT. Because if it is only one trick, that would a let down to how they are putting it. For me at least. Also when is it releasing, because I know if you went to IMX you could see it, but when is it releasing?

  8. Blake showed me this gimmick at Magic-Con. It's a versatile card gimmick - based on an idea by Dan Hauss. Although Dan had released it, Blake has completely revamped the idea to where it's almost unrecognizable from Dan's version. That's why it's a collaboration, because it's technically Dan's idea.

    That said, it's an awesome gimmick, and the dream presentation is not the coolest use for it either. It's extremely clever and fun to use. I've been most excited for Blake to release this product, and one that's still to be announced. I'm sure you guys will get more details in the coming days, I'm just here to tell you what I know. It's not a multi-trick DVD, it's based around one gimmick.
  9. My biggest question is where did the original concept/method come from, too much that comes from this company gets "borrowed" from older sources and the contributors seem unable to extend credit where it is due. . . and I'm ignoring the fact that they are selling I published close 15 years ago and even I was 100% original with it. They've borrowed from Losander and others as well but fail to give proper historic credit, something far too many "new" companies and wannabe developers seem to do.
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    Hmmm. You should be more specific. You have not to my knowledge ever talked to us directly about an effect that we have published that was yours. We know losander personally, and he has never said anything.

    I find it to be in bad taste, and shameful on your part to accuse us, in a public forum, of any ethical misdeed without bothering with contacting us to resolve your claim.

  11. "Window Pain" is a fantastic and visual effect, but it's not what I was hoping nor would I perform it - besides my initial thoughts. It's NOT the method, but it's just the added extras... I'll go more into this with my review soon, once I perform the effect and see the reactions myself... or different handlings/variations I can come up with.

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