Dan Hauss Is The King!

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  1. I must say Dan Hauss is REALLY the King of PRACTICAL Magic. I REALLY loved his Riot. It is the MOST PRACTICAL and GREATEST ending to an Ambitious Card. He himself HONESTLY admits that it is his finale when he performs an Ambitious Card. And like he said, this will go to my repertoire.

    BUY THIS NOW and I promise you will be so HAPPY. So SO HAPPY for spending a CHEAP amount of money to an effect that is worth HUNDREDS or even THOUSANDS of dollars for me.
  2. Well he got some nice tricks, but they all take set up, not to mention "fall" beware of that you will not enjoy that trick at all..
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    Yes. I should say also what you said. Downfall is a STRONG, PRACTICAL!!! effect. Imagine you'll be able to move objects with no invisible threads, magnets or whatsoever. Just with the power of your mind. He SHOULD also sell this for THOUSANDS of dollars. If you want to be able to move ANY OBJECT, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE, GET THIS NOW!!! Dan Hauss is really a genius.
  4. hmmmm do I detect sarcasm? lol =P
  5. Anytime? Anywhere? Not really. You are forgetting one thing about this effect. Anyways, I agree it's really really smart.
  6. I hope you are kidding...either way you only have a couple months doing magic or you don`t have this trick at all...this is the most unpractical effect ever!!! thousand of dollars? PLLLLEEEEEASSSSEEEEE!!! they should refund those thousand dollars!! the gimmick that makes this possible is tremendously inadequate to carry around, let alone find it when you need it...
  7. ...Shouldn't this be in the product review forum?
  8. The only thing I detect is CAPS LOCK.
  9. Are you being serious right now? First of all, Riot is a nice effect. Just not the MOST practical. Downfall is not good. Sell for thousands of dollars? I think not.
  10. i like some of dan hauss's stuff and i don't like his stuff. downfall is a clever idea but it's just impractical. riot is not that practical to perform to real people. it's more youtube magic. but i like some of his stuff like flow and i wanna hear a review for rattled :)
  11. I partially agree. Dan Hauss is one of the best creative artists in magic - I LOVE performing Sleeping Queen and Flow is unbelievable. His Restless project was also amazing - although it's most "arts and crafts". On the other hand, some of his creations are meh and impractical such as Downfall.
  12. Oh, magicians. One day you'll realize what is sarcasm without having to ask first.
  13. I think we all noticed that, in my case, I wanted to contribute something worth reading besides asking, "Was that sarcasm... I believe I detect sarcasm?!"
  14. It's not just here. It's text in general. Sarcasm is hard to detect so you don't know if someone's being funny or just stupid.
  15. exactly my point! =P
  16. successful troll is successful.

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