Dan White's Jimmy Fallon Trick

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by James Wise Magic, Sep 5, 2016.

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    I'm guessing I'm not going to get a direct answer to this but I guess it's worth a shot. The effect that Dan White just recently performed on Jimmy Fallon:

    Is this released anywhere? Even as a magician it seems impossible without a plant even though I'm pretty sure there isn't. So anyone know if it's released?
  2. Dan White said this was one of his creation's and J. Bayme said that this variation was created specifically for The Tonight Show. I don't believe it's available for others to learn.
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  3. Damn. Yeah I thought as much. I thought it wouldn't hurt to ask lol
  4. I believe that the chalkboard bit is marketed. Not sure if that's the same method or not, but it's out there.
  5. There are some alternatives to achieving this effect. For the chalkboard, I believe you can find an effect similar to that in most magic shops. Just talk to the shop owner about it and they should have an idea of what you are referring to.

    For the envelope part, I think you might like this effect here: http://www.penguinmagic.com/p/7448
  6. I have no idea of the method...but seriously what a KILLER piece of magic! And such a natural, understated performance as well.

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  7. It really was an amazing piece of magic. But there is one performance he did that still sticks in my mind and I'm hoping someone here will be able to point me towards a good source to learn it. It's where Jimmy had the choice to either hold the coin in his hand or leave it in his pocket and Dan would identify where it is. The kicker ending was that he predicted the outcome before hand by having the choices on a bill that was given to Jimmy prior.
  8. Ah that performance is still up on Youtube! You can achieve that effect with a device called Sixth Sense 2.5 by Hugo Shelley. The prediction was just Magician's Choice at that point. Dan is such a brilliant entertainer!
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  9. I had pieced together that aspect of the routine :) I couldn't for the life of me figure out how was doing the main 'thing' of the trick (me trying to be cryptic here). Thanks Tyler!
  10. No problem! I thought about buying that effect myself but the price tag is a little on the steep end.

    I love these Dan White appearances though. They are a great way of advertising effects that are real workers. Between Sixth Sense 2.5 by Hugo Shelley, Nailed It by Scott Alexander, and others it's been helping people to become interested in performing new material. My ultimate goal as a creator is to see someone else benefit from an effect that I release.
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  11. Well will someone tell me whats the name of the trick he did it backstage with the roots with a cellphone?
  12. That is Double Cross and it can be purchased right here on Theory11.
  13. Wrong trick buddy :p
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  14. Nope he did double cross on his previous appearance, this time it was a trick by a cellphone
  15. I’d like to know also. I found it on Facebook once.$60, but I’ve lost the link again.
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