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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Dana Hocking, Mar 30, 2009.

  1. Hey guys.

    I just thought I'd let you know that you can check out my latest soundtrack HERE.

    It's called "The Deception Project" and it's basically a collection of some of my favorite pieces of music from the projects that Houchin and I have been working on since the release of Stigmata in 2006.

    You can listen to 30 second previews of all 35 tracks along with an intro podcast HERE. (Actually, that's the same link as above, but whatever.)

    I'd love to hear any comments on the music. You can reach me at: dana@whentertainment.com.

    Peace. Word. Schizzle.

  2. cool stuff.
  3. sweet going to buy it now,
  4. I like it. Your music rocks.
  5. Very cool. Awesome that this is available now.
  6. I LOVE your music Dana. I listen to the Thread/Control soundtracks on a regular basis. This soundtrack sounds great as well. :D If I didn't just pick up some music a few days back, I'd be all over this. I'll get this soon. :D

  7. the best. period.
  8. Hey.

    Thank you all for your comments on the music. The support is always appreciated.

    Peace. And word to your respective mothers.

  9. Awesomness.

  10. And our hex has been lifted!

    Craving! You are a pox to my soul!
  11. AFDestroy is creepy.

    veeeery creepy.

    But it sounds great!

  12. Thank you again Dana, I have purchased your Thread/Control when that first come out, and this one I shall buy sometime next week. - I am very busy this week with production week so will not have any time to listen to it!

    I really appreciate your work though, it is a musical masterpiece in a new era. Thanks again.

    (Edit: - Just noticed it says 10.00

    10.00 what? Dollars? Pounds? :p - Just thought I should say for you/Wayne to correct! :) I am pretty sure it will be dollars like everything else.)
  13. Wicked man. Really gotta get this. Rest easy knowing that a scary man in MA is gonna be blasting this out his car soon ;).
  14. A Question

    If we buy The Deception Project, can we obtain copyright permission to use it in one of our videos? Just wondering, please reply :)
  15. Dana, don't take this as a dig or anything, but I think if you want really good, constructive feedback you could do a hell of a lot better than asking here.
  16. Yes. When you purchase it you do obtain permission to use it in your video's. Dana said he doesnt care what you use it for its yours once you buy it. However, if you use it in selling something or commercially you will need to get his permission first.
  17. All I can say is to lose the cheesy album name.
  18. How is the name "the deception project" inferior or cheap?
    Its completely relavent considering what the music was made for.
  19. Words like deception have been played out in my opinion. It's not a bad name and he's free to call it what he wants, but it sounds kinda lame.
  20. #20 TheBlack&WhiteIllusionist, Mar 31, 2009
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    So brainstorm. You think the name's lame, and that's fine, but what would you call it? Out of curiosity.

    EDIT: Just caught that.

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