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  1. I was wondering whether or not Dana's awesome music was royalty free. I don't want to sound like an idiot but I was reading the description for the CD and it says that we should feel free to use it in our magic videos. Its really great music and this year for my school's video production we are TRYING (everyone there sucks) to make it look professional and smooth, and sexy, and all stuff like that. I was working on a video for the first newscast and was wondering what music would go good with that video? I tried the Dana music on and it works great. It's almost like it was made for the video. So I was wondering whether or not I would be able to use Dana's music on my school's video production team...
  2. I think they sayd that as long as you bought it you are okay. Although you cannot get money for it, if you earn money then you cant use it.

    But send Wayne an email, or Dana himself.

  3. I think I remember hearing something about it only being used of non-profit reasons.

  4. I believe we fit in the non-profit category. Thank you.
  5. It is always a good idea to contact wayne directly though his website and ask him. He would know or he could ask Dana himself. Wayne really tries read and respond to every e-mail. His fans matter to him.
  6. btw, can anyone tell me the names of his songs
  7. I don't really know about that, but i did want to know when he is coming out with new music. So does anyone know if hes coming out with like a deception project volume 2 or anything???
  8. Hey..look what I found using the search button.... :)

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