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  1. Good. But on the downside, a lot of people are going to be using very similiar music in their videos.
  2. Yeah this looks awesome, thanks...
    Here's some more info:

    Dana Hocking has been the only musician to build a recognizable name and style within the magic community. Since the release of Wayne Houchin's Stigmata in 2006, Dana has brought his unique musical style and sound design to projects involving some of the top names in the industry - Wayne Houchin, Daniel Garcia, Aaron Fisher, Daniel Madison, Mathieu Bich, Lee Asher, Chris Kenner, Dan and Dave Buck, and many others.

    He has played a critical role in some of the biggest and most successful releases over the past few years and we are proud to offer you a small piece of that work in the form of his soundtracks to Wayne Houchin’s DVD’s, Control and THREAD.

    CONTROL: This project included the triumphant return of Randall and as such, the soundtrack features his epic theme music and Rocky-esque montage sequence as well as the full score from the main feature, DVD menu etc.

    THREAD: This is the complete soundtrack for Thread. It includes music from the trailers, the main feature, and the full incredible sound design for the opening sequence shot at the Oroville State Theatre - Dana created this sound design completely from scratch... no audio was even recorded during the filming of this sequence.
  3. yeah and im having toruble checking out i need a new credit card or something
  4. Do you have a paypal account? You don't need one but it's easier if u do....
  5. Hey all.

    Kind beat me to the punch there Doug, but I thought I'd chime in. Mr. Hoochy-woochy (that's Wayne Houchin, in case you don't speak Bayme) and I are proud to realease the soundtracks to Control and Thread which are now available for download HERE.

    It's hard to describe just how awesome it is to finally release these tracks. I hope you enjoy the music as much as I did creating it.

    Thanks and I'll talk to you soon.

  6. Thanks Dana and Wayne, I can't wait to purchase this!
  7. Purchased and am downloading now. Thanks Dana. You could had split this up into 2 or 3 albums with the amount of tracks on here. Its awesome of you to release 29 tracks for just 10 bucks. I can't wait to listen to all of these songs in their entirety! Looks like I don't need to worry about more music to listen to when practicing sleights and XCM. :D Again, thanks Dana. You make the best music.

  8. I has them! I has them!

    Will eat choco and listen nao kthxbai.
  9. Only three words:




  10. Yay, downloading now, couldn't say no to $10, impulse buying ftw. Stupid 200kb/s, I have to wait a whole 6 minutes ;_;
  11. Sweet as


    P.S. Impulse buying ftw
  12. For a bit over an hour... I was just listening to Dana's music while practicing my XCM..... Awesomeness....

  13. Haha. I coudn't agree more.
  14. Dana, are these tracks royalty free, do we need permission, or do we have permission to use them in demo reels and what not?

    As a performer, I'm sure I'm not the only one thinking of using your awesome music as a soundtrack to help add depth to a demo
  15. Both Dana and Wayne said we could use them for whatever we want which includes our performances and videos. Wayne even said in one of his daily updates that if we use the music, he would love to see the video as well as Dana. However, the music is not royalty free and Dana said in one of the daily updates that he doesn't want the music used for any commercial use. It also says its not royalty free at the bottom of the product page.

  16. ok so long as we don't SELL our vids or the music, we're good
  17. I am sooooo getting this !
    i'm lovin the samples
  18. How about a show which we are paid for... Would that be allowed?
  19. Absolutely feel free to use my music in your live show. And send me a video of the show if you can. I'd love to see it.



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