Dana Hocking's Music - Now Available

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Sinful, Jan 1, 2009.

  1. Why thank you, I really appreciate your hard work.
  2. I realize that one of the songs in that release was also coincidentally in D+m's Dangerous. Is there any possibility that the Dangerous soundtrack might be released as I find some of the tracks in there so great, and they seem to cast a very relaxed mood for doing magic, and would work great for background music.


  3. Having bought these soundtracks, I am inspired to film some performance videos (now that I have sweet backing music :p)

    Fantastic work, Dana - you are a creative genius.

    And you hold a camera really, really good.
  4. Relieved to find the music is in hassle-free format

    After being the victim of DRM madness, I'm glad to find that my purchase was in a hassle-free format (mp3). Thank you for not treating your customers like criminals.:D
  5. I have a question for Dana, if I were to use your music for my videos on YouTube and the video got accepted to their partnership program. Can I still be able to get your permission to use it or I'm just screwed!!
    BTW great sounds !!! Keep it up !!!
  6. Send him an email off Wayne Houchins site. He will not probably see this here.

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