Dangerous (Both Disks) Review

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  1. Hey guys, just got Dangerous today and thought i would post up a short review on my opinions of it;

    Mystique: A fantastic collection of 11 tricks that are all clearly explained and presented. I have a few personal favourites out of them (only by watching the explanations mind) [Angle Zero, Bad Influence and Role Play] and definitely recommend their simplistic style. When you watch the performances they appear much more complex than they actually are, but i have come to admire how suitable the methods are for all levels of magicians. I also really like the way how they all vary in plot and styles, giving you a broad range of tricks that will last for years. Contrary to Daniel's book 'Inside', the effects are gimmick free (as far as you want to take that word) and several can be performed completely impromptu.

    Motion: This is where it shines even more. 21 flourishes, all carrying DM's signature style and design. They accomadate all ranges of flourishing skill level, and i found that they all compliment each other one way or another. What i mean by this is that by learning one flourish, you will find a harder one a bit easier when you come to it, as a lot of them share transitions and ideas. However, the similarity between them only remains at the foundations, and you will find that the majority of them involve many different styles, and all look different when performed well. Another good thing to note is that they almost all utilise the basics of flourishing to great advantage, such as Sybil, revolution and swing cuts. This is very helpful, especially for beginners, as it gives you the chance to embark upon new paths with the basics you first learned. Finally, a lot of the flourishes are false, meaning they are perfect to disguise keep controlled cards, whilst looking great at the same time. My personal favourites in this section have got to be Twisted Rain, Lethal X, Fly and Sybil in the Rain.

    Overall: Well, this goes without saying that the production values are incredibly high. Theory11 always produce great quality tutorials and demonstrations, and they have excelled themselves here with the design. Mystique is set into an introduced performance by Madison, and then the explanation, with clear instructions from both Daniel himself and through the angles that it is shot from. Motion is designed even better, with constant multiple angles on screen at once to show two sides of the flourish at once. Annotations crop up explaining finger positions and hand movements using a clear and understandable abbreviation method. The camera work is all superb here and it really helps you to see everything you need to progress well. Also it is good to know that by skipping to the next scene it will take you from the performance to the explanation and then onto the next trick on both disks, allowing for easy navigation whilt learning.

    To conclude, Madison's presentation and teaching style is immaculate, and provides not only a good source to improve your magic and flourishing from, but constant tips and personal opinions on style, performance and anything he has found to enhance the content. Another thing i found to be incredibly helpful is the skill rating before each trick or flourish. This helps you decide whether you are ready to learn it or not, with a simple 1-10 numbering system. For the price it is set at, there is no arguing that it is a complete bargain, as the range and amount of content incorporated is very in depth and extensive. I cannot commend this DVD enough, mad props to Daniel Madison and Theory11 alike, a job well done!
  2. Great review, getting this soon :)
  3. Good - its 110% worth it man! I only got it today and already ive watched it through and through haha.
  4. @Sk8r_St3v3
    Thank you much for taking the time to study and review Dangerous.
    I hope it inspires your creative approach to your practices.
  5. Thanks DM, i am sure it will (it already has to be honest).

    Just thought id add that I have the Inside special edition and it is an insane book, i recommend everyone to buy it in conjunction with Dangerous as the two together are invaluable.
  6. Nice review Steve!! I told you you'd love it!

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