Dangerous - Proclamation :: First Teaser Video

Sep 11, 2007
Houston TX
Well like everyone knows Daniel Madison is my boyfriend not in a homosexual way lol but for real, Im D+M greatest fan and Wayne is my hero, but please Theory11 dont over hype this, you all have done a great job not over hyping products.

I will like to thank you all(theory11) for not Over Hyping the last recent products, from my heart I will like to say thank you ;)

PS. Im not even sure if thats how you spell Hype lol
Aug 31, 2007
Long Island/New York
What ever way T11 wants to market their product is fine with me.
Although I don't even think that this DVD will need hype.

I'm waiting anxiously for the next teaser!
Sep 1, 2007
Leicester, UK
Wow I want to see what that last effect was that he performed because it got crazy reactions. This looks great.

:rolleyes: No offense -- To D+M either -- but I hope you don't think that the effect itself "got crazy reactions".

Personally I'd say Daniel got the reactions, the effect was just the means to an end.

To many people get caught up in the fact that when they see a preview and people are screaming that the effect will get those reactions for them. Then they get disappointed when they don't get them themselves, then they write reviews with this smiley: :mad: Saying how you shouldn't buy it because of some reason or other.

I'm not picking on you here, Quickhandz... It was just your comment stood out to me 'cause I've seen it more and more recently and I don't like seeing people disappointed and using this smiley: :mad:

- Sean
Is this a Flourishing DVD?
It looks really cool, can't wait for the next teaser!

I read somewhere that it may be a Flourishing and Magic DVD. It was only a rumor though, and there's many false rumors on the internet believe it or not :p.

Although, I know this is a Teaser I would've liked to see a bit more. Hopefully the actual preview is long, so we can get a good hard look at the full contents of the DVD.

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Nov 18, 2007
It definitely looks like a mix between Cardistry & Magic. Either way it looks like a winner, Daniel is such a mysterious guy, mix that with T11 and you've got something special.

I hope there are some new previews for Change. Or maybe some info about it :D
Dec 17, 2007
Melbourne, Australia
I love the film editing of theory11.. it's amazing. That in itself makes me happy. :p

I wonder if it will be similar to The Trilogy in the sense of there being seperate DVDs. Hopefully it's like that because I don't really care for the flourishes.
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