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  1. Hi,
    I'm pretty new to cardistry and xcm, that whole kinda stuff...
    I, however, do know how to do a few flourishes - Werm, Kevin Ho's Sybil 947, Springing the cards, The flourishes taught on Oz Pearlmans Born to Perform (don't remember the names ;b ), and a few others...
    I can't do a charlier cut, or any of that kind a thing - since im a dwarf, and have incredible small hands...

    So, I were thinking about getting Daniel Madisons new dvd, Dangerous - volume 2 - but is it to hard?
    Or is it something for my kind of skill level?

    Btw, sorry for my english ;)
  2. for a lot of cuts, you need to charlier.
  3. In Dangerous? Sure? To me, it doesn't seem like that?
  4. na

    I would go for something else.

    one thing for sure though is to learn tlhe One Handed Revolution cut from Brian Tzudor because D+M ends almost every flourish like that or the revo is involved through out.

    also try and learn and get comfortable with sybil.

    then come back to his material.
  5. I can't do the one handed revolution - to small hands... :(
    Where can i learn the sybil? There's alot of different sybil cuts out there, but wich one is the original? Were can i learn the real sybil?
  6. The real original Sybil is in Chris's book, Totally Out of Control...but that Sybil isn't the one people are talking about as this one doesn't have the Sybil rotations now used. In the book Five Faces of Sybil is taught which uses the Sybil movements but as for a DVD on it, other than Brian Tudor's DVDs I don't know.

  7. I would highly recommend Show Off I and II .... they will help you a lot, and small hands is not and excuse.
  8. Can you get Showoff 1 anymore? I looked and couldn't find it.

  9. Okay, I will go for those two... Thanks!
    By the way, - I'm dwarf, I have really small hands. Im serious, maybe i'm 19, but i'm 140cm high ;b
    But I'll try it out, see if it will work...
  10. very, very few shops still have them/carry them, search on ebay, sometimes someone will put on up, and it always goes for cheap. Thas how I got showoff 1&2, I bought showoff 2 for 6 dollars, and thats including shipping.
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    If you cant get ShowOff then get Gen X by Brian Tudor
    Its Basically ShowOff 1-2 and the best ambitious card routine, a bunch of color changes, and two triumphs
    Also if you dont know the one hand revolution don't bother with Dangerous
    Its a pretty cool DVD but I don't think he teaches The OH REV
    He just goes over it
  12. Hmm, you should just get 1 DVD to start off with before you buy the second DVD. And yes small hands are not an excuse. When I started flourishing, the one handed revolution cut seemed impossible to me. But recently, I finally got the hang of it and I'm practicing it to increase my speed.
  13. Okay, thanks - now, I've bought both Showoff 1 - 2, Dangerous and Generation X...
    That might be enough for now ;b

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