daniel fernandez's mentalism effect

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  1. Can anyone tell me What is the name of this mentalism trick and where could i learn that from. Thanks
  2. The reason this is good is because of his presentation. For the cards, if he is using the method I think he is using then you want to look at the work of Chan Canasta or David Berglas. By the way, Chan Canasta is famous for failing often on television doing precisely this kind of trick. It is difficult to do. Derren Brown has an alternative handling that is widely used.

    The second effect is called a drawing duplication. The version he uses is great. There are a million drawing duplications out there that could accomplish this effect. Start with Anneman, work your way through with Bob Cassidy or Richard Osterlind and then maybe turn to Richard Turner after that.
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    Do you know where I could get it or something close? 'cause I looked around and all the drawing duplicates that I've found the spectator shows you their picture and THEN you show your picture, compared to showing them not showing their picture at all until the end like Daniel did.
  4. This isn't mentalism, it's mental magic. He's also trampling all over his own effects, but that's my own opinion.

    I can't be sure what method he's using exactly but I know of at least 4 ways to do this. Study the various foundation texts for mentalism that have been suggested by Burch and you'll figure more out.
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  5. The first effect can be found in just about any magic shop. Special pack of cards. I believe :mind power deck" is one of the names it goes by. Cannot tip the method here for obvious reasons, but it is fairly easy to perform once you understand how it works. Darren browns method is a bit better than DF's using the same deck. Less "fishy."
  6. Yes, but the second effect ? What type of book or video described it ? It's really awesome this drawing duplication

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