Daniel Garcia Invades Sorcerers Safari

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jonraiker, Jun 4, 2009.

  1. I think I'll be going this summer. It's gonna be awesome!

    Anyone else coming?
  2. Damn, I wish I had the money. This is the one magic event I know of that I'm actually close enough to attend. Maybe I'll start crime... just 'till I have the funds I need ;)

    Anyway, have fun everyone who goes...
    there's still a small chance I'll be there if, like I said, I become more rich.
  3. Anyone can go??

    from any country???
  4. Wow, this seems to be a good year to go to Sorcerers Safari. Sadly, I've been too old to go for a few years now (and didn't know about it before). Oh well, for those who end up going, I'm sure it'll be a great experience! :)
  5. Only if I was a kid again :(
  6. Going??? I was the first registrant! Going to be AWESOME!
  7. I envy everyone going. Not because of the awesome lineup, but because I never went to summer camp when I was a kid.
  8. Second Year Baby!!!!! Last year was epiccc! Michael Ammar as the special guest doing the card to sky! dude i can wait for this year!...but...i still need a job...to get the money...Then ill Be there!!!!!!!!! totally pumped. Sorcerers Safari Camp=best place on earth
  9. Wow... I never knew that a lotta people went! Is there an age limit? Like would I be too old to go? I'm not over 18, but yeah... near there.

    I live in Toronto, but I can't go this year... maybe next year!
  10. hmm money is no problem
    shame im 22 though lol
  11. YES! I managed to successfully negotiate my parents into paying for 1/2! and I can manage to scrounge out the other 1/2!
    SO I'LL BE GOING! I'm really pumped for it already, see everyone else who's going then!
  12. Lucky. :p

    I'm going on tips (restaurant), but I think I'll have enough by the camp.
  13. My age is no problem. I'm 12 :p. The only problem is that I'm in New Jersey. And I wish that one of these days a camp could be near me :(.
  14. lol i live in the UK i have no chance
  15. Sorcerers Safari has campers from all over the world. To name a few: Germany, Japan, Mexico, Spain, England, France, America, and Canada.

    Don't let distance stop you from having one of the greatest experiences of your life.

    See you guys there.

  16. I have wanted two go so much for the last two years but my school starts early.
  17. New Jersey isn't all that far from where Sorcerer's Safari is...it's maybe a 10 hour drive, or so. Should be fairly cheap to bus in, if your parents would allow that. Or get dropped off, if your parents were up to that, heh. Maybe they can take a vacation here in Canada? ;)
  18. I think you american guys should stop complaining about nothing happening near you. I live on top of a mountain in Australia. :D

    There's 3 magic shops in Australia that I know of, and 3 conventions, only 1 of which I can possibly attend
  19. Here's a quick question... I will be attending the camp this year, so I looked up the people that will be there... I saw that the staff was composed of some people that I knew... Jason Dean, Joshua Jay, Aaron Fisher, Lee Asher, and Wayne Houchin, to name a few... So here's the question... Are ALL of them coming this year?!?!?:confused: Or is that just a page of people-who-have-been-to-the-camp-before stuff?.... Obviously Danny is going (AWESOME! :D), but what about everyone else???:confused:

    Any help appreciated. :D


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