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Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by indiana508, Aug 12, 2008.

  1. Hi There I Was Wondering If The Daniel Garcia Prodject Is Worth Buying?

    Thanks In Advanced,

  2. Definately worth it, there's more than enough content on each disk at the price it's sold for. I think it's one of my more valued purchases.
  3. Yeah. If you use the stuff, it is great. But, I never found a practical use for them.
  4. Yeah same here I never found a good use for the stuff on there :(
    but I do like the white or wheat :D..
  5. personaly i use alot of the moves he teaches on those dvd's. Its defently one of my favorite set of magic dvd's
  6. There is some brilliant material on these DVD's however some of it is quite difficult.
    A few of the moves are very bold and you will need a lot of confidence to pull them off effectively.

    When I first watched them I found very little on them I could actually use, the only thing I consistently used was the Card at any number effect.

    Although, over time I gradually realised a lot of the material is great if you put in the practice needed for it.

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