Daniel Garcia : The Mid-Atlantic Lecture Tour

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  1. Hi Everyone,
    I'm the president of IBM Ring 320, in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. I've got some really cool news! Daniel Garcia, yes, THAT Daniel Garcia, will be doing a lecture for us on Monday, April 12 at our usual meeting place, the Woodrow Wilson Rehabilitation Center in Fishersville. Daniel is without a doubt one of the premier magicians of our day. You do not want to miss this man in action and up-close. Tickets at the door will only be 10 bucks! That is such a great deal! Get your calendar out and write down this date...April 12, 7:00pm. We'll be looking for you there. For further information call me, Eddie Tobey aka Tobini, at 540-810-2958 or e-mail me at eddie@tobini.com

    Yours, for the Fun,
    Eddie Tobey aka Tobini
    President, IBM Ring 320
  2. Wow, 10 bucks! thats great :)
  3. DG

    Just wanted to remind anyone interested that Garcia will be presenting his lecture tonight in the Fishersville area, Wednesday Night in Richmond, VA, and Friday Night in Baltimore.

    send me an e-mail at eric@ericjonesmagic.com for more information.
  4. tour got cut short, his grandmas sick, just lettin everyone know
  5. Tonight's lecture is on. We'll wait to hear from Danny on his Grandmother's conditions to determine if he will continue his tour or not. My advise was to be with his family and reschedule. Danny's a trooper, and will continue to work tonight and wil play the rest of the week by ear.

    For those that believe, please include a prayer for the Garcia Family over the passing days.
  6. Just talked to Garcia.

    He says tomorrow's lecture is still a go. If you're able to come support magic in Richmond VA, and are interested in spending a few moments with one of the most creative minds in our industry, drop by the Eureka Theatre located in the Science Museum of Virginia tomorrow night at 7pm.

    e-mail me at eric@ericjonesmagic.com for details!!!!
  7. How come DG doesn't make lectures in California? or any other magicians rarely do lectures here?????? It's sunny, we have the Magic Castle, we have Hollywood, Disneyland, Knotts berry farm, Beaches what else do you guys want???????!!!! :)

  8. Thanks to all who attended Danny's lecture last night. We had a blast. It looks like Danny will also continue his lecture tour to include a lecture in Baltimore MD tomorrow night at Denny and Lee's Magic Studio @ 7pm.

    Feel free to e-mail me at eric@ericjonesmagic.com or PM me for more details!!!!!

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