Daniel Garcia "William Tell"

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by magicmaster, Jan 6, 2010.

  1. Hey guys! Here's a little sneak-peek at the Daniel Garcia Projects 4-6 that I found on youtube. It's a trick called "William Tell" and it looks pretty awesome. Check it out!
  2. I like William Tell hook. Can't wait for these to come out. Garcia's the man.
  3. I liked the penguin part.
  4. Penguinpart was nice;)

    But isn't i WilHELM Tell?
    Am I wrong?
  5. i do a trick somewhat like that. but that was very nice.
  6. Always nice to see some stuff from DG! Can't wait for the new dvd's!
  7. That was GREAT. I think he dragged on far to long, but I think it was a GREAT idea and a fantastic performance. You KNOW I will be picking these up!
  8. I actually have the explanation for this trick...

    I won it in the Symphony release contest a while back.

    Let me tell you... great, GREAT trick.
  9. The performance and explanation of this trick was on Reel Magic Magazine issue 13 (October 2009).
  10. That's was brilliant! Another ideas using the "SAC Move". Daniel is always the best.
  11. I really cannot wait for his 4-6. You know it's coming, I can't wait to see what DG has up his sleeve. He always has amazing methods.
  12. That llooks so great. It gives you that classic "Oh i messed up" feel, And really twists it.

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