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  1. hey guys... in danny's performance of life he gives the bill to the spectator at the end.How can he take such a risk considering the method?

    do any of you give the bill to the spectator?
  2. yes, I do that also. there r no risk.
  3. there is no risk
  4. There is a risk, but it's not big enough to worry about. Spectators are oblibious to that type of thing, and if I recall correctly changing one fold before you hand it back will make it impossible for them to discover the method. If you're that worried about it just use your imaginination and find a way to cover it...or dont hand it out.
  5. Just think about it dude, there is no risk.

  6. what are you all thinking about
    there is a risk, just not a very big one.
    most people do not realize the method even with the bill.
    but just as an extra precaution I change the fold a bit
    I have been caught out once where the spectator refolded it and was able to do the trick sorta. Kinda embarrassing but what ever.
  7. ther r no gamar ethr
  8. i believe the "no risk" part is referring to the levitation part of it. as most of you stated, the only risk comes from the fold it self, and changing the fold at the end does help minimize that.
  9. can they make it float like you do? if they can do that, I will ask them to teach me how they did it.
  10. Ahhh, I love how there's not much revealing going on here
  11. Everything has a risk.
  12. Thats not how laymen work
    if they figure out a small part, then the rest of the trick isn't magical anymore. And the flapping of the wings is a big part of the trick. its almost 90% of it.

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