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  1. On Daniel Garcia's Next Notes.

    The 'No Smoking Trick'..

    Is it bad for your health? I scoured the internet and found out that it's quite dangerous to do that act. o_o and I 'tried' it and got sick a second after, lol.

    I really wanted to try it though.
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    If you perform it an infinite number of times than I believe it could be dangerous...I wish I knew this before, because I used to do it like 10 times a day or until I finished a matchbox, haha.

    Inferno Kaiser
  3. :D haha, oh dear. I'd like to share more of what happened after I did the 'move', but I don't want to expose it. :D Man, this sucks, it's a great effect. >_>

    NOTE: I may be wrong in my research though, please double check, anyone, :D
  4. The first time was hell. I was thrown back.
  5. To answer your question no its not bad enough to make it harmful unless you do about 10 books of matches a day everyday for the rest of your life. He explains this in farther detail when he made warning for ellusionist. But he says that he went to his doctor and asked, and the doctors response was of course its not good but unless your not doing 10 books a day for the rest of your life its not gonna affect you in a way that is deadly.
  6. Thank you, that really clarified things up, but still, it's hell for me, like the post above you, lol. :D CHEERS!
  7. I know we live in paranoid times, but the human body is much more resilient than most people realize.

    If David Blaine has achieved anything with his stunts, it's proving that.

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